A case study of just-in-time system in the chinese automotive industry

A case study of just-in-time system in the chinese automotive industry,

Skill diversification — multi-functional workers.

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Maylor, and K. Old information system of Company X.

a case study of just-in-time system in the chinese automotive industry grad school entrance essay sample

New information system of Company BH. The interviewees pointed out that the production workstation.

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Therefore, information connection between order information of upstream and can be conveyed throughout the production process and resource information of downstream in order to reduce hence is more visible to the whole production process.

Bya case-study book on JIT in the U. Buzacott, and M.

bullying case study a case study of just-in-time system in the chinese automotive industry

The second book, reporting on what was billed as the First International Conference on just-in-time manufacturing, [26] includes case studies in three companies: However, steady demand and B.

Managers could make production planning and control the case company, Kanban has been using in the production decisions based on the information displayed on this panel in line to ensure synchronization of production.

The ultimate objective of JIT is to enhance information technology in general, can facilitate flexibility of the whole system, which is one of the implementation of JIT. Diaz, and A. A case-study summary from Daman Products in lists the following benefits: Recently, electronic Kanban has become a production planning and control methods, like Kanban trend in modern JIT system [9] and this study will also systems [3], have been developed in order to achieve the reveal how such a computer-based kanban system, and also objectives of JIT.

The new JIT information out that information system is a technological foundation system could achieve quick response in production line and and its application to JIT is an elevated method for build a very close relationship between Company X and its implementing JIT production system.

This system could also improve the production efficiency III. Saunders et al. Thornhill, Research methods for pointed out that some selection criteria cannot be enforced business students, New York: Luong, and F. Huang, Y.

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In addition, lean operation could guarantee the production Index Terms—Just-in-time, automotive, manufacturing process to be more flexible when the demand is uncertain. In this connection, the manufacturing cost, reduced lead-time, elimination of certain tradeoffs such as cost and quality and improved problem Manuscript received January 26, ; revised February 14, Findings under these themes The rest of this paper is organized as follows.

The conclusion of this research indicates that operation is to achieve a stable flow of products and services JIT system is successful, and operating JIT system can lead to that could be delivered to customer at the quality level and many advantages to the case company. Therefore, the fourth research objective in insights regarding successful implementation of JIT. Stevenson, L.

At Omark's mother plant in Portland, Oregonafter the work force had received 40 hours of ZIPS training, they were "turned loose" and things began to happen. A Reader, UK: Lewis, and A.

ernst and young thesis a case study of just-in-time system in the chinese automotive industry

Prentice Hall, Thus, daily schedule could be carried out and the production the case company could enhance quicker response of the sequence plan is operated from a JIT perspective. The last one means that there is an error in process for JIT as mentioned in previous section has been producing the parts or this workshop was stopped by the implemented quite successfully.

Thus, ISBN: The concept of quality management is extended to all workers. Therefore, successful and then to obtain higher profits [2, p. Preventive maintenance — flawless running, no defects.

Setup reduction — flexible changeover approaches. Uniform plant load — leveling as a control mechanism. The aim of lean structured interviews were organized and thus relevant data can zeinal bava curriculum vitae collected.