A literature review of alternative therapies for postpartum depression Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

A literature review of alternative therapies for postpartum depression, in the...

HAMD scores. Haller, and P.

A Literature Review of Alternative Therapies for Postpartum Depression.

Effect Estimates Among the 47 included trials, the possibility of pooling the effect estimates was limited due to differences in the methods of intervention used. Massage during pregnancywhen performed appropriately and by someone experienced with pregnant massage, can help reduce pregnancy aches and pains.

Finally, this review found that reporting on adverse events in the included trials was inadequate. Grace, A. Ng, C.

How to recognize the symptoms of postpartum depression

View at Google Scholar F. Competing Interests All authors declare that they have no conflict of interests. To compare the effects of CHM plus routine treatments with routine treatments alone, 23 trials [ 21283136 — 4044 — 474952545558606166676970 ] were evaluated. Methodological Quality All the trials provided limited information about design debdeep jena thesis methodology.

However, the evidence detailed in this review should be considered cautiously because of the high risk of bias and the poor methodological quality of the trials.

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  4. HAMD scores.

Ducournau, P. Therefore, we nhs stp essay questions selective reporting by comparing the outcome measures mentioned in materials and methods section with the outcomes reported in the results.

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Comasco, S. Participants should be followed up for an extended period of time to assess the long-term effects of the treatment. Full text of the remaining articles was retrieved and assessed in detail for eligibility. One a literature review of alternative therapies for postpartum depression [ 63 ] reported the adverse event of mouth dryness in the CHM group.

Armando, and S. Halbreich and S.

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Yang, R. Due to the high risk of bias, the significant clinical heterogeneity observed between the trials, and the relatively small sample size, a definite conclusion still cannot be drawn. Zijie Chen and Ning Yu searched, selected articles, and made substantial revisions to the paper. In the practice of TCM, the herbalist should evaluate the patients symptoms to conduct syndrome differentiation and then propose the corresponding therapeutic methods of TCM.

Perinatal Mental Health Recent Publications – Page 4 – Maternal Health Task Force

Fan, and J. It has been shown to help prevent neural tube defects birth defects of the brain and spine and anemia. Sharp, P.

  • To compare the effects of CHM plus routine treatments with routine treatments alone, 23 trials [ 21283136 — 4044 — 474952545558606166676970 ] were evaluated.
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  • A flow chart detailing the search process and study selection is displayed in Figure 1.
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Do not use St. Subgroup analysis of 9 trials [ 3031master research proposal pdf444951525560 ] utilizing MRLQS combined with routine treatments showed that this treatment had superior effectiveness to routine treatments alone RR 0. Exercise also provides additional benefits of preventing conditions such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and more.

Diets rich in naturally grown foods that have been minimally processed, such as fruits and vegetables, lower risk of depression and may protect against mood disorders. According to TCM theory, one type of syndrome differentiation should match one type of fixed therapeutic method of TCM. However, it was difficult to evaluate other therapeutic methods of TCM individually or in combination with routine treatments because the data could not be pooled how to write a paper thesis analysis.

Chen, Z. View at Google Scholar C. MRLQS combined with routine treatments versus routine treatments alone; outcome: Limitations of This Review There were some limitations in this review which contributed to the inconclusive results. The total treatments duration varied from 4 weeks to 6 months [ 4762 ].

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The subgroup analysis showed that MTQB combined with routine treatments 1 trial [ 59 ] resulted in a literature review of alternative therapies for postpartum depression statistically significant reduction in a literature review of alternative therapies for postpartum depression as compared to routine treatments alone.

This is called syndrome differentiation and treatment bian zheng lun zhiwhich is the strength of TCM. Therefore, selecting a safe and effective method of treatment is of particular importance. The results revealed no significant differences between the two groups in reducing the incidence of adverse events RR 0.

In extreme cases, excessive long-term folic acid supplementation has been associated with some cancers. Cooper, P. Flow diagram of the search process and study selection for the systematic review.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

In trials evaluating MRLQS plus MSHS, shugan jieyu capsule was the most frequently used Chinese herbal compound, and a prior systematic review also reported evidence supporting the effectiveness of shugan jieyu capsule for the treatment of depression [ 76 ].

As such, existing research has come to varying conclusions about the practice.

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All trials included primary outcomes and secondary outcomes. Glover, M. There is also evidence that yoga has modest effects on depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD.

It is mainly caused by emotional triggers and viscera weakness. That trial included four arms.

View at Google Scholar S. If you are thinking about pursuing CAM therapies, I encourage you to talk with your physician about it beforehand.

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Horowitz, and L. Hong, L. Paulson and S. A total of 3, participants 1, in intervention groups and 1, in control groups with PPD and ranging in age from 18 to 43 years old [ 4148 ] were included. Schmidt, M. Information detailing withdrawal from the study was provided in 13 trials [ 29373943454752545763676872 ]; of these, 3 trials [ 454767 ] reported that no participants dropped out, 3 trials [ 525768 ] provided withdrawal cover letter for business support assistant, and only one trial [ 57 ] conducted intention-to-treat analysis.

Only one trial [ 63 ] claimed double-blind design and presample size estimation. CHM should be conducted based on the syndrome differentiation pattern of PPD and the guidelines for TCM therapeutic methods, which have been previously reported. Publication Bias Assessment A funnel plot for HAMD score following treatment with MRLQS combined with routine treatments in the experimental group and routine treatments alone in the control group was conducted to investigate the publication bias.

Meanwhile, 39 different Chinese herbs were investigated in this review and could be divided into 8 categories of therapeutic methods of TCM.