Agricultural extension research paper

Agricultural extension research paper.

The answers to these questions provide a foothold for decision-making by government donors and investors, as well as aid in the development of effective strategies and policies implemented for agricultural growth.

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As it stands, these organisations could serve as an additional source of scarce capacity. Ravichandren and M. Commercial banks have well established agricultural divisions dedicated to providing financial support to commercial farmers, but at commercial principles. Summary of Interviews Findings.

Failure to do so would result in the further deterioration of extension programmes and undermine long-term credibility of extension systems.

Pingali Eds. The research conducted by Kaiser Associates Economic How to cite dissertation in apa 6 Practice has indicated that South Africa's PPP framework, is in most aspects, on par with global best practice when prioritising project sectors such as health and infrastructure.

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The main objective of these PPP's is to ensure the delivery of needed services better services by utilising private sector expertise and transferring risk to the private sector. The private sector has become an important alternative to public extension in providing technical inputs, information, training and organisational support services to farmers and rural households Abdu-Raheem, Similarly, South Africa has also increased privatisation of agricultural research.

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An insight from state level analysis. The measures introduced in the early nineties by the new government destroyed this structure.

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The 'traditional' home of agricultural experts in South Africa has been in higher education institutions and the government. The country has progressively increased the number of PPP transactions covering a wide range of sectors, including transport, office accommodation, healthcare, eco-tourism, social development and correctional services National Treasury PPP Unit, There are various prerequisites for research and extension to operate successfully.

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International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology, 8 4: Guidelines for successful Public-Private Partnerships. The current lack of public and private partnerships PPPs in extension, research and development increase the difficulty of solving the food security challenges in South Africa.

Agricultural extension

According to Crauserrecent years have seen a marked increase of cooperation between the Public and Private sectors concerning the development and operation of environmental and transport infrastructure in South Africa. Singh Rashmi, M.

Pretoria Jan. The study recommends that in order to ensure sustainability and efficiency of private sector research, collaboration between the public and private sectors as well as international organisations will be crucial.

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International Food Policy Research Institute. The promotion of partnerships and collaborations amongst these organisations should be guided and sustained.

Agricultural Extension Research Papers

The National Institute for Economic Policy. An analysis of changing land use pattern and cropping pattern in a scenario of increasing food insecurity in Kerala state. Department of Agriculture. South African agricultural extension service and research for development are challenged to improve food security and it is therefore vital that agriculture and agricultural research remain an integral part of the government strategy to address food insecurity and poverty at household level.

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A system undergoing transformation. These challenges include the adaptation to effects of climate change, farming within environmental limits while surviving economically, access and use of agricultural technologies and access to agricultural markets.

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Developing a successful PPP programme is a complex undertaking and involves a number of key challenges to be addressed World Bank Group, This assumes that economic policies will essay benefit playing computer games supportive of agriculture and the institutional environment must be supportive of research and extension. Uganda Management Institute, Kampala, Uganda.

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The case of KwaZulu Natal. These organisations essay on cell phone should not be allowed in school as the mouthpiece for farmers at national level, with the purpose of ensuring the best possible financial and social position for the farmer within the national economy.

International Journal of Agricultural Extension

Establishing food security, particularly household food security, is how to cite dissertation in apa 6 described by Abdu-Raheemwidely acknowledged as an important milestone in advancing the living standards of the rural poor population.

Extension and smallholder agriculture: Hovewer, processed food products cannot enter the supply of big chains without fulfilling the unified quality and packing requirements, supervised by integrators.

Hungarian agriculture still lacks a stable structure, i.

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Burman and Satyapriya. This definition suggests that the relevance of extension moves beyond the traditional transfer of information, knowledge and technology from researchers to farmers to include developing capacity, skills and effective management techniques amongst farmers and farming communities.

Journal of Agricultural Extension

The public sector is often associated with inefficiencies and the inability to meet rapidly growing market demands, but as a result the contribution of the traditional public sector is largely being questioned. C USA.

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This will enhance farmers' capacity to manage their hkie essay writing operations more effectively and efficiently Abdu-Raheem, The pressure comes in the form of serious funding shortages which has resulted in poor management and loss of research expertise.

Small Holder Development.

Journal of Agricultural Extension

Transforming Africa Agriculture: Public sector cultural extension system in the Northern Province of South Africa: Sharma, R. Technology application for sustainable environment management in disadvantageous terrains: A case study of research institution and voluntary organization partnership.

A multitude of approaches and technologies have a potential to contribute towards achieving the long-term goal of sustainable food security Beddington, Faculty of Agriculture. Briefing 4 August, Planning for food security in a changing climate.

Agricultural Extension Research Papers

About 33 commodity organisations currently exist in South Africa. South Africa has the largest research network in Africa, but its once prestigious public research systems has come under extreme pressure as a result of funding shortages and poor management, as well as a loss of research expertise.

Performance of the public agricultural extension system in disadvantageous settings: The agriculture of Hungary had been a successful branch of the national economy in the 's and 's, because its structure, including the co-operation of case study quantitative methods farms and smallholders, was very effectively adapted to the technological conditions and market opportunities of the time.

Success stories and Lessons Learned: International Journal of Business Administration.

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Agrekon, Vol 48, No 4. According to the South Africa Trustagricultural research has made significant advances in developing improved agricultural technologies for production suited to the soil and climate conditions of South Africa.

Southern African Business Review, 18