Beijing 2008 a digital olympics case study answers

Beijing 2008 a digital olympics case study answers.

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The city with the least number of votes drops out until you are potentially down to just two cities. Many marketers wanted to have their brands noticed when consumers used search engines such as Google or Yahoo to get Essay on environment conservation updates during Beijing Sports facilities China planned in some cases, with foreign architects and built the Olympic Park and the 37 stadiums and venues that will host Olympic events.

In implementing the plan, Beijing made every effort to abide by international tendering standards and to avoid favoritism. Speedo hosted a newly—revamped SpeedoUSA. Furthermore, the prospect of demonstrations during the games has prompted the PRC government to tighten the enforcement of beijing 2008 a digital olympics case study answers application requirements and shorten the duration of some visas, which could hurt foreign businesses in the short term.

Indeed, he was only persuaded to do so on being told there decision making problem solving and critical thinking no chance of London winning, and the guarantees ever being called upon! Perhaps surprisingly, no UK executive saw it as a particularly enticing career move, and eventually the American business woman, Barbara Cassani was persuaded to step forward.

Western media coverage has been more sympathetic to China since the earthquake hit. The number of hotels in Beijing has also jumped in recent years. Its top level Olympics homepage was sponsored by Visa, with banners and display units appearing across the how to make your essay longer periods. Some of the projects in which China has invested to prepare for the games include the following: China studied the example of the Atlanta games, where coordination between the operating committee and the city government was poor, according to Payne.

Following the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai Expo may drive economic and social change to some extent. The Internet and text messages spread word of the quake within minutes, well before the government was able to respond to it. The President refused to stop the voting. The Beijing Statistical Bureau estimates that spending on the Olympics has added 2.

Economic beijing 2008 a digital olympics case study answers The huge inflows of investment to support the Olympics and recreate Beijing have had an important ripple effect on economic growth, not simply in Beijing but in areas surrounding the capital. Visitors to the site could watch videos on products, athletes and interviews with Nike designers and send any of the videos to sharing sites such as Twitter and Facebook with one click.

These include 32 buildings in Beijing—19 new and 13 refurbished—and venues in five other Chinese cities—a sailing center in Qingdao and soccer stadiums in Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, and Shanghai. But, the debate that began in the s over the business model of broadcast rights, and continued in the s with the internet, is now resurfacing with social media — how to monetise the opportunity, protect existing revenue sources, and find new ways to enhance the offering to Olympic partners.

It will continue throughas set in the Beijing Sustainable Development Plan and perhaps beyond, given recent central government attention to the environment. Domestic media prominently broadcast news of foreign earthquake relief efforts, perhaps an attempt to soften the earlier harsh domestic reactions against France and other countries where there were demonstrations and protests against the torch relay.

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Madrid remained a dark horse, but with the political support of the former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch, was never to be underestimated. The race Bidding for the Olympics is a race. The earthquake, and the reaction to it, make it much less likely that the Beijing Olympics will be anything other than a positive, uplifting event—though perhaps in a different way than expected.

I told him, simply, that in a straightforward technical race, London did not have a chance. According to Yahoo, its coverage of the Torino Winter Games attracted more unique users than any other site, with nearly 12m visitors over the three—week event.

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By the end of January, it was clear that this was the big idea, that just might be able to change the race to host the Games. For example, investment in the environment has been key to the games. Heavily critical foreign media coverage of the game preparations, including coverage of air pollution and tainted food, has also removed some of the shine from the image of the games.

Bank of America also outfitted the 12 athletes it endorsed with cameras and encouraged them to post online updates. Air quality, particularly in the summer, can be less than optimal, with particulate matter at alarmingly high levels. Faster, higher, stronger is the Olympic motto. Michael Payne is the author of the bestseller, Olympic Turnaround. Broadcast rights have continued to grow, although with the emergence of social media, the IOC is once again being challenged to rethink its media business model.

Sands is managing director of Sierra Asia Partners in Beijing. This was as accidental as it was crucial. The city has established new wastewater treatment plants, solid-waste processing facilities, and green belts and built a fleet of clean buses for the games. No-one is suggesting that the broadcast model is dead — far from it; if anything the rights fee model is stronger today than it has ever been, despite a challenging economic environment.

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London even struggled to find a CEO willing to take on the daunting task of leading the bid. These moves cleared the way for an extensive expansion of foreign-owned hotels and other tourism facilities. Paris by now had lost its front runner status. This can take multiple rounds of voting.

At the IOC meeting in Singapore inthe London vote counters calculated an array of different scenarios.

Case Study: Digital Beijing

Though it is difficult to measure human rights and human freedom, China is unquestionably more open and accessible than ever before in its history. It was an outsider and stumbled through the early bid process.

The host city is elected by IOC members at its annual general assembly. It teamed with YouTube to allow video uploads, Flickr for photos and Facebook to cull text—based cheers.

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Fresh mountain air would lead to fresh thinking. At the time, the IOC was only just recovering from the trauma of the Salt Lake City scandal, and the idea of facing seven years under the microscope of the UK media, was not a particularly attractive proposition for the IOC members London needed to persuade to lonesome dove essay for the city.

I advised Seb to bounce the idea off a few IOC members and gauge their reaction. It was with trepidation that the London team watched the voting in the second round. Information travels at astonishing rates, and the transparent manner in which the earthquake and the games were handled will probably only accelerate this trend.

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The ebook of Olympic Turnaround is now available on Kindle and a paperback edition is published by Infinite Ideas. Additional information. The residual benefits of the games are even greater. Beijing has phased out ozone-depleting substances ahead of schedule, made use of water- or air-source heat pump systems to save energy in Olympic stadiums, replaced 47, old taxis and 7, diesel buses, and began requiring vehicles to meet EU emissions standards.

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Since China entered the WTO and won its Olympic bid, the country has reduced hotel ownership restrictions. London met its ambitious targets, fortunately getting out to market before the recession set in.

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Few Chinese supported the positions of the demonstrators, and most Chinese were deeply offended by images of protestors disrupting the torch relay and the celebration of the Beijing Olympics. The theme: Lingering effects Though the expected economic downturn following the Beijing Olympics in August and the Paralympics in September will likely occur—particularly in the advertising sector—it will be minor and short-lived.

Most commentators agree, that Madrid would have beaten Paris and gone through to the final against London and Madrid would have have emerged victorious.

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Greater national self-confidence, and the sense of community generated by the earthquake, will also make it more likely that China will tolerate, and perhaps welcome, a broader range of ideas. Lenovo Group Ltd.


The city has also built an enormous new airport terminal at the Beijing Capital International Airport and extended the toll road to the airport. I told him I had no instant answer, but it was clear London needed a new game plan, a big idea.

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The Chancellor, Gordon Brown, was not keen to sign off the guarantees. At this point, London was still struggling to pull together all the necessary guarantees to present to the IOC, including key financial undertakings from the Government. Starting inforeign investors could own a majority stake in hotels, and inwholly foreign-owned hotels were permitted.

Nike created Nikelab, a digital showcase of apparel and footwear products worn by athletes in 28 Olympic sports. If his vote had been cast for Madrid, the Spanish capital would have tied equally with Paris, and research paper business sample a run off. Sponsorship has also continued to grow. All of my bag essay adds lustre to the remarkable story of the transformation of the Olympic Movement.

Bank of America purchased leaderboards and other ads in the section, which ran throughout the Games.

  • To win a city needs a simple majority.

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