Best books for case study preparation The following case interview books are a must read for all consulting candidates

Best books for case study preparation. Top 10 Best Consulting Books

Problem structuring: If after this you still feel like you need more guidance and would like to read more books then we would recommend picking up a copy of Case interview secrets and Interview maths.

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The pros and cons The book introduces concepts such as the profitability framework and internal vs. Dan Roam Great for: Glad you asked—let's jump into those next. Friga An easy guide towards successfully putting McKinsey methods to effectively work across any organization.

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A lot. Our case interview guide does not repeat itself. The core case interview skills You could get a case about a medical device firm looking to enter the Chinese market for the first time or a children's entertainment company that needs a new pricing strategy for digital content.

What case interview book are you considering reading? He started RocketBlocks to help candidates hone their analytical skills so they can put their best foot forward on interview day.

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Rasiel, Paul N. Crafting you stories and backups stories will require a couple of weeks!

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Candidates are assesed on a variety of skills including: Synergies - revenue synergies price, qty, mix and cost synergies value chain. These authors actually believe in the theory that the primary reason for professional success is the skill to acquire confidence and trust of clients. So that's what we did. Throughout the book there are brief anecdotes on interview experiences which make it entertaining.

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Despite being the dominant female player in the league today, she's on the court four hours a day practicing serves, backhands, volleys, et al. Green to craft an essential writing for all advisors, negotiators, and consultants.

The pros and cons Cheng writes very authoritatively and personably.

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  • We've reviewed the top case interview books below, telling you whether we recommend them or not.
  • The greatest author of all times David Maister teamed with Robert M.
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Structure it as if you are defining the work streams for the real project. A low down on the visual method of problem solving and explaining Not so great for: Market sizing - structuring from the supply or demand side. Find experienced partners or coaches who can provide a good feedback!!!

Putting It into Practice

A much-needed tool for every advisor, negotiator and consultant By David H. The book is divided across twenty chapters that should be read in twenty days, as a lead up to the actual interview. Finish with something specific to the case e.

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Green, Robert M. The main challenge we found with this book is that it tends to over complicate case interviews.

Make sure you follow any instructions for calibrating the pH meter before using it. Rinse out the containers when you are done.

It's been used by more than 7, people so far and summarises everything you need to help with homework workbooks to get started with consulting interviews. It goes straight to the essential information you need to be successful.

4 Books You Should Read to Ace Your Management Consulting Interview

Consulting interviews are increasingly becoming about going above and beyond to prove yourself ideal for the role. Galford and Charles H. But a lot has changed.

Interviewing with McKinsey: Case study interview

The following two sections look at case study formats, and the book concludes on how to combine all of the above skills in order to succeed. Author and content Lewis C.

In today's post on mastering the case interview, we're going to unpack what the case interview really is, the core skills it tests and why the best way to prepare is shockingly similar to how Serena practices every day.

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The preparation game has changed As case interviews have grown in popularity, the stakes on the preparation side have been upped as well. Mental math: We are keen to hear your thoughts on case interview books.

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The other issue is that the book is a companion piece to a very large amount of online material that includes test cases and a collection of videos. The guide covers everything from case interview basics, their structure, the difference between McKinsey and other cases, fit and PEI questions as well as how to structure your preparation to maximise your chances of success.

This is followed by a section on maths and a section on the basic tools that are needed when solving cases.

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But don't read it on its own: The book is well laid out and easy to follow. The subject of case interviews will vary widely. Second, 9 of the 20 days in the programme are dedicated to doing a mock interview. And third, the book does not include practice cases which would have been helpful to apply the concepts laid out.

#2 – Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

For a deep dive on preparing for case interviews, check out the Mastering the Case Interview webinar. How should we reduce the queues?

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Which skills? Interview Math also suffers a little from being repetitive. After all, these firms don't own any tangible assets or products.

Case Interview Books (most read) - Management Consulting Prep

People always want to ask, why does mental math matter in the world of Excel and iPhone calculators. He has successfully navigated hundreds of case interviews himself and believes that the case interview is an important recruiting tool that helps simulate the on the job experience.

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  • First, it assumes that you have already done substantial research on consulting interviews and therefore only touches on some key concepts.
  • It does not aim to do anything else.

Charts and data analysis: However, as hinted above, interviewers will immediately spot if you are re-using a predefined framework that you have learned in Case in point and are trying to force-fit it to the case they have prepared for you. Aspiring consultants will quickly find that the art of representing an insight via the right chart is a subject approaching near religious debate at any firm.

First, it feels repetitive in places and the content could have been covered in a more summarized way - this is one of essay writing meaning in malayalam reasons we developed our case interview guide. It used to be that candidates could dissertation finances publiques locales read a few basic case interview books, memorize some popular business frameworks like Porter's 5 forces and combine that with some natural talent and have a decent chance in the case interview.