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Case study city hall. Where Residents, Politics, and Government Meet: Philadelphia’s Experiments with Civic Engagement

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Each month, information from the monitoring devices was downloaded for analysis and the equipment was inspected to ensure it was operating normally. Geoexchange systems include three main components: A phased implementation The heat pumps control the environment in specific zones, independent of other areas.

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Comparison of components Operating and maintenance costs: In transitional seasons, heat may be sent to some parts of the building, while other areas require cooling at the same time.

The results of the study, presented to the City Council and City Manager, included a comparison of installed cost, operating and maintenance cost, emissions and aesthetics: Supply Fan Motor Power.

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The city did not want any system to detract from the visual appeal or compromise the historic integrity of City Hall. Manning, who heads his own firm, Earth SensitiveSolutions, LLC, and Mike Long, grants manager for capital improvement projects for the city, developed a feasibility study of both conventional heating systems and geothermal technology.

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Primary-Filters Pleated Type. The contributions of this study can be useful for the academic community, the researched municipal administration, managers, other city halls and society. Employees sweltered through hot summers, with temperatures topping 95 degrees in some offices.

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They have allowed our designs to come to life, while enabling us to stay within our clients' budget parameters. Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published.

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Engineers elected to run the vertical pipes up alongside the beams, enclosing them and the beams in drywall. The horizontal pipes were run along the floor and enclosed in 6inch by inch kneewalls. They have allowed our designs to come to life, while enabling us to stay within our clients' budget parameters.

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The Outside Air and Humidity was also monitored. So the geoexchange system was not just cheaper to operate, but also greener.

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The study's conclusions indicate that this theme can be of help to determine and formulate appropriate strategies for municipal management that prioritizes results for the society. Table 2: Engineering tests showed that a series of 35 holes six inches in diameter should be bored feet below the parking lot behind City Hall.