Case study deforestation

Case study deforestation,

According to FAO terminology this form of wood exploitation is not deforestation, but the origin of these plantations from the clearing of the indigenous forest and their impact on the quality of the forest itself, make the picture more complex.

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Ecodevelopment approach has been adopted for promoting symbiotic relationship between forest dwellers and resource. The Ogiek, an indigenous hunter-gatherer group, are considered the historical forest dwellers of Mau and Mt. Ogiek had strong and frequent relationships with the Maasai and the Kalenjin people, with whom they now share some linguistic traits.

Figure 3.

This can lead to climate change. For meeting raw material requirements, industry promoted partnership initiatives expanding agro forestry and farm forestry on non-forestlands with credit to farmers provided by National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development.

Tea production 10 The KTDA was established in as a governmental company with the aim of developing the small-sca Such concentration is not just related to the favourable farming conditions guaranteed by the Mau Forest ecosystem, but it is a colonial legacy. Legal reforms have not been matched by vigorous enforcement.

Report submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forest.

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Figure 5. N and PK Pathak Cambridge, UK. New Delhi,p Skole, D.

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JFM involves institutional arrangements involving local people for jointly protecting and managing forest with government agencies on a benefit-sharing basis. Norway agreed to help preserve Indonesia's forests giving them up to 1 billion dollars if they could prove themselves. Plant Biomass and Productivity estimates for Central Himalayan mixed banj oak-chir pine forest.

And while indigenous groups still face pressures on their lands and rights from the expansion of small-scale agriculture, mining, and corruption, national forest protection strategies are not in themselves a significant threat to them.

Tropical Deforestation and Forest Degradation: A Case Study from India In the first paragraph we define the context of the Mau Forest 1highlighting the socio-environmental capital that is at stake.

Champion, H. As put by Di Matteo: Dec, Global Patterns Of Land Conversion. Tucker, A case in point: Townshend, Journal of Tropical Forest Science.

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Also, there are many plantations in Indonesia dedicated to palm oil and mining. It exists there because of political corruption.

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Conclusions Policy changes and legislations brought down diversion of forests and total area under forests has nearly stabilized at around 64 million hectares. British settlers introduced tea from India in and started to export to London twenty years later. Figure 2. In Asia Pacific Forestry towards Conservation and Community Reserves research ethics thesis sample on the anvil.

Tropical Forests for Development Disclaimer CGD blog posts reflect the views of the authors drawing on prior research and experience in their areas of expertise.

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Land use change, especially the transformation of the rainforest into plantation areas, has moved animal biodiversity away, decreasing the ecosystem services available, which seem to be concentrated in the untouched areas of the forest. After independence the cooperative was transformed into a public company, thus strengthening the strategic role of this industry and its ties to the political system.

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Mathews and W. At the beginning, this sector was mainly aimed at the exploitation of the indigenous forest, but starting from the s the conversion of exotic wood from plantations gradually came to the foreground.

A et al.


Successful examples of voluntary involvement in eco-restoration are available from different parts of the country. Constitution of India 3.

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  • Illegal logging is a big contributor to deforestation in Indonesia.

The orangutan is an animal that is at a high risk of becoming extinct. Some endemic species, as well as some threatened at regional level, occur. Warner, F. Williams, M.

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From this perspective, the link between deforestation and population growth is probably less direct and more complex than usually presented: Biodiversity refers to different organisms in an area. Untouched areas still show the biggest trees, with autochthonous species like Albizia gummifera, Prunus africana, Olea capensis and Podocarpus latifolius.

HDR Out of the 31Mha degraded forestlands about Swedish Embassy Dev Cooperation office.

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Chemprojects UNDP Raven, P The Itare dam project was put forward by the Rift Valley Water Services Board and is one of the cornerstones of the Kenya Visionthe national long-term development plan, although the first feasibility study dates back to Rift Valley Water Service Board, Individual blocks are monitored by foresters, and forest rangers control movement within the forest block Courtney Mustaphi et al.

For example, the CFA of Kiptunga extended the commercial network of honey a traditional Ogiek activity to cities like Nakuru and Nairobi. GOI 6.

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Indonesia is a top supplier of this oil. Related Posts. An FSI sample survey in found annual fires affecting percent of forest areas. Furthermore, the Itare River flows into the Sondu River, one of the tributaries of Lake Victoria, and this will lead to significant environmental and social impact on a local and regional scale.

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Bullock, H. Severe impounding from hooves of animals result in soil compaction and imperviousness.

Introduction to Deforestation Issues and the Case-Studies

Rai, S. In the conclusion, we underline the role of politics in the deforestation process. The Italian company CMC is carrying out the construction work which started in June and is autocad draftsman resume cover letter to be completed by These need addressing to enhance private investment.

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From this perspective, the control over natural resources becomes a strategic element within the neopatrimonial dynamics that characterize African States Bratton, van de Walle, It is used for cooking, cosmetics and biofuel. India Ecodevelopment project is currently being implemented in seven PAs. When planted, it can produce fruit for up to 30 years, and provides jobs for many people.

As such, deforestation is not an important consideration while formulating policy. The so-called Kalenjin tribe consists of many subgroups i.

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As I should have anticipated, indigenous peoples and their organizations are quite heterogenous in their reactions to forest conservation initiatives for many reasons, including past experiences of repression and current political movements to claim their rights. Low productivity: