Case study lightning protection

Case study lightning protection.

Power Quality: Case Study - Copper-based Grounding System Ends Lightning Damage

The halo ground is also bonded to other ground plates, as shown in Figure 3b. Two case studies on both human injuries and equipment damage at five sites are reported.

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Aluminum is permitted under the Case study lightning protection Code, but I never install anything but copper. Figure 3a.

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This arrangement is called a "halo ground. They are skid-mounted and moved to needed locations as required.

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If we drive more than one electrode, they must be spaced at least as far apart as the length of the deepest electrode. A typical workstation in the construction office that technicians at Resort World call Hell House for its many power qualityrelated problems. Lightning density and pattern in the localized areas, grounding systems of the installations, and case study lightning protection and installation techniques of lightning arresters should be revisited in giving proper solutions to transformer and power line failures.

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We also installed full-mode TVSS protection at the buildings main and branch circuit panels and pulled isolated grounds IG for each circuit serving computers, faxes and printers. If that copper plate hadnt been there, we might have lost the new switch.

  • Resort World, Kissimmee, Florida, is located in a region that receives more lightning strikes per year than any other part of the country.
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In addition, PSI specified isolated grounds for the sensitive circuits, as can be seen by the orange-colored outlet shown in the photo. In accordance with PSI specifications, ground resistance of all new electrodes is less than five ohms.

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  • However, PSI did install a halo ground and a ground plate in the computer room, leaving them dead-ended.
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We dont have to worry that our phones wont work when theres a storm. Brad Padgett is a believer now. Ask Brad Padgett today: False positives and arbitrary distance determination of these equipments caused faulty safety estimates and excessive downtime.

Some people might consider that excessive protection, but the building now has excellent power quality and the owners havent had any further equipment problems.

Case Studies: lightning protection | INGESCO Fortunately, there were no personal emergencies at the time, and no one was hurt, but the telecommunications system and other sensitive electronics were destroyed. One of Florida"s leading resort and condominium operators learned that lesson the hard way.

On this particular job, we ran the cable along the walls, about six feet up. Figure 3b. You could smell ozone from the discharge, but I never felt a thing and not one piece of equipment was damaged in any way.

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One of those electrodes was driven near the emergency generator we"d installed earlier. The TVSS units we call for provide full-mode protection: At Resort World, PSI placed all such circuits on separate panels, going so far as to mark junction boxes to avoid the chance of mixed loading in the future.

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  2. As for myself, whenever I hear thunder, I want to be inside my computer room.

Detection equipment upgrades were studied. We don't have to do that anymore. However, the resort has been upgraded continuously and our communications systems have grown a lot more sophisticated.