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Procter & Gamble’s Old Spice Social Media Campaign

They added the perfect twist that accelerated results astronomically. Deliver the campaign in a crisp and easy-to-digest manner People are impatient, especially in the digital world. So what are the results? But it also excelled in marketing without making it feel obvious.

Two second spots were produced, entitled "Fiji" and "Komodo" after two of the scents in the product line. In a series of videos, Case study for engineering management responded case study old spice response campaign video to numerous Twitter posts directed to Old Spice's Twitter account, including several videos directed towards celebrities.

But what really made the campaign viral was how Old Spice made use of social media sites to connect to and interact with users. Suddenly, Old Spice was hip.

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Realizing the potential reach and cost effectiveness of YouTube, particularly when marketing to a younger generation the target demographic for their line of body washes — who were already being assailed regularly with memorable ads from brands like Axethe Old Spice team uploaded additional videos in the campaign series online. Old Spice was able to utilize various platform to generate word-of-mouth.

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Rehashing the same clip on YouTube helped the brand reach more users and made it sharable. This became the foundation and set the tone of the whole campaign. A "Mano a Mano" video was produced featuring a confrontation between the two.

There has importance of nutrition labels essay a similar increase in discussion on blogs as well. Mustafa begins at a shower station on the beach.

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Ultimately, this level of social media engagement which was born from a television advert is really remarkable. Old Spice used to be the aftershave your grandfather wore. Showing at Super Bowl and on television was to create awareness and generate interest.

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In a single uncut shot, Mustafa transitions from a bathroom to a sailboat to riding a horse on the beach, all without pausing his monologue or breaking eye-contact with the camera for more than a moment.

In keeping with that theme, the second commercial is entitled "Scent Vacation", and continues to maintain and expand upon the style of the previous ads.

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Huffington Post. The approach was certainly quantity over quality which social media advocates will recognise. The palace is revealed to be a miniature, as Mustafa opens the front wall to reveal the product.

It was appealing to younger generations, and sales of their body wash and related products proved that appeal. The ad expanded upon the first commercial, which featured two changes of location, and only one on camera the bathroom "set" lifting away.

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The sand and sky of the initial beach scene and the entire mountain backdrop were added in post-production; wires were painted out, as were seams where two scenery pieces came together; fish were added to the aquarium; chocolate was added to a fondue fountain in the living room, and a stick of fondue foods was added to Mustafa's hand.

Read the complete Old Spice commercial script here. All told this campaign generated more than 1. More Reading. The Old Spice Campaign Facts and Figures Here are some of the numbers that were the result of the continuous marketing campaign. In "Fiji", a beach scene is shown as Mustafa's voice is heard. Alongside this advertising and content marketing campaign was an effective social media strategy that utilized various networks to support the work they were doing in television and on YouTube.

The scenery splits in half as do false legs and a towel and pulls away to reveal Mustafa log rolling before he walks across the surface of a lake catching a falling cake mid-stride into a kitchen power-sawing a countertop mid-stride to the top of a waterfall, which he "swan dives" personal statement graduate school pdf into a hot tubwhich then collapses to reveal that Mustafa is sitting on a motorcycle, his shorts having been replaced by jeans.

The momentum was clear from the outset. Support wires were used to control Mustafa's dive from the waterfall. The questions submitted by case study old spice response campaign were met with video responses from the actor Isaiah Mustafa himself within 2 days, creating a two-way conversation that was connected to the users. Clean segued into Tide ads because all of the clothes in them were fresh and clean, including Mustafa's white pants.

Aside from the guitar, the palace and the Komodo dragon, in "Scent Vacation" Mustafa also picks up a mountain goat, which he spins around to reveal a harp.

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Since the video was short, it also helped users share it across different platforms which contributed to its overnight success. In "Komodo", Mustafa appears to stand at the base of a hill atop which sits an ancient palace. He then walks over to a Komodo dragon and pulls open its back to reveal a cooler containing ice cream. Minimal computer-generated imagery CGI was used, consisting of overlaying a separately shot artificial hand during the segment where diamonds flow from Mustafa's palm and the body wash rises through the pile of diamonds with a separately filmed shot of the hand.

The three spots share a common thread of misleading items containing other items. The ad featured former NFL athlete Isaiah Mustafa and was a a video centric marketing campaign that combined both traditional and social media.

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Responding to interest in the creation of the previous spots, an official behind-the-scenes video was released for "Scent Vacation". It has longevity and endurance that has been achieved through a mix of several reiterations as well as using online and offline marketing, social media and PR that has kept the original content bubbling across the Web.

The Old Spice Campaign Facts and Figures

The Campaign Old Spice was well-known for having the manliest scents on the plant. The Response Campaign, however, helped push sales figures even further. This led to a poll as to which spokesman viewers preferred. Most importantly though, the video responses are consistently funny in their own right, making it hard not to love this campaign.

Allen and Kallman confirmed that the commercial was filmed in a single uninterrupted take [3] requiring three days of shooting and numerous attempts to achieve a successful take. Promote the content in multiple platforms The campaign started off by showing the video at Super Bowl and as a TV commercial, followed by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The background also appears to be enhanced. Tap into large networks by case study old spice response campaign them the attention they want and crave and they will spread it for free to their distribution networks whether that be Facebook, television or Twitter.

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Jeff Bullas The Old Spice campaign has proven to be one of the most memorable creative marketing and advertising concepts ever executed. The agency participated and promoted across many social media channels and networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The walls of the hot tub were rigged to mechanically rise and lower. In total, the campaign gained nearly million views on YouTube, 1.

Old spice case study

This morning Old Spice is still trending, organically. Answers and blog posts about him in publicly available, timely and personalised video messages. More computer-generated imagery was used in this commercial than in the prior ads.

It featured Isaiah Mustafaa former NFL athlete, being totally awesome and became an almost immediate hit online. Unlike the previous commercials, which were shot outdoors, "Scent Vacation" was shot on a soundstage. The branding of the product line revolves around different world locations.

Recommended for You Webcast, March 19th: Fans of the character could see him in action far beyond the reaches of their TV screens. Be Case study for engineering management Marketing on as many appropriate multi-channel and multi-media marketing channels using social media ensures that broadest possible distribution is achieved by tapping into viewers media and platform preferences.

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He dives from the mountain, into water, appearing to swim through it, only for it to be revealed as a fishtank, which passes as the camera rotates to reveal Mustafa lying on his side in white slacks on top of a piano in a lavish living room. If your social media marketing is good enough, mass media will pick it up, especially if it has humour and entertainment value and will advertise it for free to millions of their viewers and readers.

It features Mustafa in a rowboat pulling off a "fake" mustache, and then "pulling off" the newly revealed skin to reveal another moustache. So this surge of social media activity certainly comes at an interesting time, and it will be worth keeping an eye on, especially as brands like Dominos Pizza publicly pin their good fortunes on social media activity.

Combining television ads with wildly viral video and above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty social media engagement, Old Spice plucked the memorable, tongue-in-cheek character of Old Spice Man, initially portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa, straight from television screens across the country and deposited him thesis on investment law YouTube.

The whole commercial was filmed in a single shot, in which Mustafa transitioned from a bathroom setting to a sailboat and finally to a beach, where he rode on product management cover letter samples white horse holding Old Spice product. It all started with a 30 second ad md international case study that was widely run and apa citation generator thesis well received.

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The initial TV ads were clearly advertising, but as the campaign took on a new life online, it was easy to forget you were watching people market a brand and a product.