Case study on business organisation and management People theory

Case study on business organisation and management.

The importance of organisational culture theory in developing organisational effectiveness Many scholars have developed an organised cultural framework for organisational effectiveness, but minute consensus has being made as regards to a general theory. Nevertheless, effective managers are expected to be able to structure and sustain the business plan company team where each and every member is committed to the success of the team.

The Contingency Theories Contingency theories laid more emphasis on some precise environmental variables that are consider to be determinates of leadership style suited for the situation. This consistency is considered to be very powerful foundation of stability and organisational internal integration as a result of a shared degree of common mindset and high level of conformity.

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Effect of management change in an organisation According to Dolan and Grarcia Management change is a systematic advance method that enable employee of an organisation to transit from their present state to a desired future state. Conclusion and recommendations The Coca-Cola Company has an organised structure that foster employee involvement in all its aspect except for decision making which is considered to be a relatively inadequate decision-making practice in a global company of that nature.

Risk on the other hand, is another form of uncertainty that involve loosing at different level depending on the result yield by the decision.

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In this stage organisation should make certain of the cost to be encounter if the risk prevail, this could be mathematical in some cases of financial ricks. After the forming stage, the team move forward toward being an interdependent instead of depending on leader, this in know as the storming stage where every team member open up their hidden irritations and objections which will eventually bring the team into an open conflict, this is very necessary for a team to be effective.

The bureaucracy structure Standardization is the main characteristic this structure is built upon.

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Furthermore, in making decision the board member are expected to consider every single factual details and possible circumstances before proceeding into conclusion. The success of management change is measured by some attributes, which includes employee focus, systemic, formal and informal pedals and performance management.

The company is structured on a global level with flexible adjustment features so as to comply with its regional markets sensitivity. However, providing learning and development training to employees alone do not guaranty the improvement of the organisation, various factors are expected to be considered in supporting employee learning and development.

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All team members are expected to declare work practise and abilities at the same time prescribe a rule on how the team will operate by the leader, who is the person that brought the team together. The theories suggest that there should be no general leadership style suited for all situations but rather the success of leadership style depends upon the number of precise situation be it in quality of followers or state of environment.

The database also includes other sources of full text information such as country economic reports from the EIU, Global Insight, ICON Group and CountryWatch and detailed company profiles for the world's 10, largest companies.

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This intensive chain of research from organisations developed an explicit theory of culture and organisational effectiveness with a valid literature review on ocb method by Denison and Mishra Over the years researchers have invested a lot of time extensively developing theories as to what motivate or demotivate employee, most of which shows that the key factors that persuade employee motivation are two, which are individual and complex.

In every product development example Coca-Cola Zero, the company assemble an employee team of different specialities to analyse all the possibilities.

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The structure is characterized by merging two structures of departmentalization such as product and functional. Secondly, the company should operate decision open door policy by involving voluntarily employees in suggesting to their various line directors on their ideas on how to go about solving a proposed problem and also to propose on possible problems that are about to erupt. Completing these case study on business organisation and management task will brings a feelings of profound inner job satisfaction to the employee, especially if the relevant tasks are in contrast to learning new things.

This is regarded as the forming stage, a sniffing stage when animals meet strange animals.

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The Situational Theories Situational leadership theory suggested that leaders make the best decisions based on situational how to write a killer french essay. Product distribution is then organised by continent, with country managers reporting to their continental manager. That leaders are made not born. The structure is characterized by high level of standardization, highly routine tasks, operations required specialization, high level of formalization, limited spans of control, authority is also centralized, decision making required to follow strict chain of commands and lastly tasks are grouped into fully functional departments.

These questions have to be addressed properly and fully before engaging employees. Member should put in their best to success.

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The behavioural direction of employee is measured by the degree an employee chooses to perform on the slated task assigned within the organisation; the degree of performance of an employee on a given assign task measured the level of effort and when an employee faced a challenge or an obstacles what determines his persistence is whether the employee gave up or continue.

Ricks and uncertainties both play a significant role in decision-making but its important to note out the difference, in decision-making uncertainty quite simple effect by slowing decision.

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Typically they will have targets and objectives to meet which fit into the organisations overall targets and objectives. The managers, employee and the executives are expected to be dedicated to their various assign tasks with the mindset of owning a portion of the organisation and when it comes to decision making people at all level 11 Organizational Behaviour are expected to get involve in a way, this will make everyone feel their work is important and will make an impact in achieving the organisational goal.

Members should be committed to their assign church problem solving.

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Creativity is being used to add values to the organisation, be it in it social, economical, aesthetic or psychological. Executive directors are responsible for ongoing decision making in the business.

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Team development. Characteristics of different organisational structures Nodmann Organisational structure refers to the formal formation, grouping or coordination of task. Some other key characteristics of this structure is that, the structure is simple, the structure is fast, the structure is flexible and the structure is relatively inexpensive to implement with clear accountability.

These motivators are usually being determined at the top management level of an organisation likewise the motivation impact is relatively low and reciprocal. Business ricks includes operational risk, legal ricks, financial ricks and strategic ricks. The company can improve its decision-making practises firstly by frequent switch of directors to handle relevant tasks, this will enable them to think outside the box in given suggestions to the board on decisions.

The sorts of resources that a manager will be responsible for will include: Theories relating to work relationships and interactions Theories as to work relationship and interactions firstly have to do with organisational culture on value chain and strategy.

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In management decision-making it is highly required of the organisation or the management rather to be able to manage, transfer and contain ricks, this will define the potential of the management in handling and containing ricks.

Possible structures will include: Furthermore, many organisations are acquainted with the importance of rendering learning and developments through an accredited certify body. BIC is a very large manufacturer of razors, lighter, and pens. Directors are the elected representatives of shareholders.

Shareholders are the owners of a company. The questions is not as simple as it sounds, there are many references that made a situational suggestions on decision-making but still there has not been clear agreed best approach in this regards.

Usually when managers are confronted with such uncertain circumstances, they hold their decisions and put some measures to reduce the uncertainty level before making a final decision, which clearly delayed the decision-making. Analysis of how organisation can facilitate innovation and creativity.

Further studies shows that traits of consistency and mission are best used in predicting profitability, so also trails of adaptability and involvement are best used in predicting innovation whereas trails of mission and adaptability are being used in predicting sales growth.

Various theories have made a serious impact in increasing employee performance in many global organisations. Motivation is a significant factor that enhances the level of persistence of an employee.