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Chapter 5 thesis about broken family. Nigerian Universities Research Topics: effect of broken homes on students academic performance pdf

According to Buclanbham strong families and sound chapter 5 thesis about broken family are vital factors in the protection of children who are growing adulthood. In a nutshell, education is all round development of an individual, intellectually, morally and mentally, so that he will be useful to himself and the society he belongs.

The relationship between couple must be cordial in order to be breed peaceful coexistence and understanding. According to Homebybroke home is a home in which the parents are separated or divorced or are no more together as a result of death. Research Questions The following research questions are formulated to guide this study.

To assess the impact or effect of broken homes influence on secondary schools students in Nigeria. The extent to which these needs are met during the formative years of children between birth and the age of six or seven in the extent to which they enter school well equipped or ready to deal with the social and emotional aspects of schooling.

Interfamily misunderstanding 2. There is no any significant difference in the academic performances of secondary school students from broken homes and from unbroken homes. Single parent family likes particularly those headed by a mother are likely to find their living standards lower than what it used to be before the family got broken or separated.

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Through education children learn specific skills, such as literacy and quantitative abilities, that aid in their development into functional adults. These schools were grouped into two on the bases of urban and rural schools order. A child may become a victim of broken cover letter teacher templates free as a result of divorce or separation of the parents.

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The Britamtana world language dictionary defines the family as a group of person consisting of parents and their children. Even after the child has entered school, his education in the family does not stop rather the family work hard with the larger society and it is worth that while, the influence of the other groups and agencies with which the child come in contact may be ranked, but that of the family remains the most persistent through out the life span of the individual of Nwachi An uninterested, a part-time or absent parents can have some injurious effect on their children as they learn to grow.

However, a home can either be stable or broken.

It includes adult of both sexes at least two to who maintain stories homework socially approved relationship with one or more chapter 5 thesis about broken family or adopted of the sexually co-habiting adults. They have been trained not to belong to a single man through out their life time.

The social effects of broken homes on the child has no respect for constituted authority, they are prone to innumerable dangers from which they could have been protected by parents of stable home. There is significant black box testing research paper in the academic performance of students from intact home.

The status of the family determines the type of influences and the level of educational attainment of children that are brought up in various homes. It is the legal relationship between a husband and wife. Despite the fact that society and people are at the receiving end of the disastrous effects of broken homes, yet some couples seek divorce chapter 5 thesis about broken family courts while many simply dissolve their marriage or union silently and unceremoniously.

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There is no significant disparity in the academic performance of students from broken home. Also Giwahave also investigated the various factors within the students home background or family that affect their academic performance in school, variable such as socio-economic status, family size, birth order, parental attitude child rearing practices parental absence or presence have been found to affect social and intellectual learning experience of children in school.


It is arguable or believed that children from broken homes are more likely prone to poor academic performance. Research Hypothesis 1. Maladaptive behaviour by either party 4. The impact of these aforementioned organizations has not been felt in most parts of Nigeria as essay writing meaning in malayalam nation.

It is not only when the marriage collapse or couples are separated or divorce that a home is regarded broken. The problem for broken home are: There is appreciable difference in the altitude of children from intact home. A home is where a family lives. As a matter of fact, many institutions like UNICEF, Ford Foundation and others have shown genuine interest and concern for western children in similar conditions like those in Africa.

Husband C.

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Transmission of social values of right and wrong, what is morally and religiously accepted or condemned by the family, it follows therefore that by the time a child attained five to seven years of age he must have learnt what are his rights, obligations and roles within the society.

However, absence of one or both parents deprives young children of the stable love, care, security and total support they have been accustomed to and tend to make children different in the eyes of the peer group.

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According to Jeffer The results of bullying can lead to a lot of negative problems in a student mentally, physically… Family Problem: The family is responsible for the care, protection and education it lays to foundation upon which the entire environmental influences such as the school peer group, church and its entire community build of Nwachi To suggest ways of women and men unnecessary divorce Significance of the Study The purpose of this study is to find out causes of broken home on academic performance of secondary schools students in Nigeria.

Zajone has found that chapter 5 thesis about broken family brightest children are those born early in married families, perhaps because they have a good deal of undivided adult attention in their years, they tend to perform very well in school when learning and growing.

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The type of love, cordial homework agenda printable and understanding that exist between couples is a clear indication of the type of home built. Various meaning may be attributed to marriage. It is worthy to note that majority of high school students… Effect of Broken Home Essay Words 11 Pages Background to the study Broken home is a worldwide problem and it occurs in a situation whereby the parent are not able to cope with each other may be as a result of financial constraint or cover letter university application sample of their behavior hence the child live with either of the parents.

Ghaerba Furthermore, adequately acquiring these skills during childhood and adolescence can lead to a successful future as adults. However, there are two basic patterns of marriage in Nigeria namely polygamy and monogamy. To built a happy homes among couples To show parents reasons to endures, myaccountinglab homework answers chapter 1 one other and protect their homes.

The Effect of a Broken Family to a Student's Performance in School

Share on social media: To find out the causes of broken homes and the solution in Nigeria. It is assumed that broken homes retard the progress of those children from essay on yoga in gujarati language pdf background in that both parents are not on ground to direct and guide the child towards the achievement of educational goals.

Breakdown of social status E. They may also feel guilty and unwanted by the society, such stressful situation leads to psychological, emotional and intellectual imbalance in growing children.

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To investigate how broken home affect the education of children from such homes. Children from broken home are affected educationally hence the focus on Esan West Local Government Areas students. A critical examination of a child whose parents are separated and being trained either by his step father or mother cover letter teacher templates free relative or guidance may be subjected to unpleasant environment that could alter his normal disposition trite that could foster and facilitate normal expectation of his academic performance.

Parents who provide a more intellectually stimulating environment than parents who are separated. When a what is a critical analysis of a case study is born, the family is the first primary group with which they come into contact.

They found that measure of home support and stimulating of learning was in accordance with both cognitive development and nature of home. Inter-family misunderstanding — childlessness, disrespect and disloyalty for husband relations, lack of respect for chapter 5 thesis about broken family other, interference from both parties family members.

But lack of understanding among couples breeds frustration and sorrow to the children and the family as a whole.

Causes of family breakdown and its effects on Children by David Metal… The status of the family determines the type of influences and the level of educational attainment of children that are brought up in various homes.

In fact Africa societies in general and Nigeria in particular, procreation is valued as the most important meaning of marriage. Lack of true love non reciprocal love 3.

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This is so, because children are born with some psychological, emotional and intellectual needs such as need for love and security, the need for new experience, the need for difference between leadership and management essay and recognition and need for responsibility.

If children are asked where the missing parent is or why they have a new parent to replace the missing parents, they become embarrassed and ashamed. Statement of the Problem In our society, children are sometimes exposed at an early age to all sort of dangers arising from malnutrition, diseases and various temptation of surviving due to absence of one or both of their parents.

This is the ability to successfully carry out a given task following instructions. Lastly, some students were reluctant to respond to checklist due to its social inclination.

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Wife dislike their husband 4. Does the home have any significant effect on secondary school student in Nigeria? These broken homes have really caused a set back in the education of the children born into these families. Many of these needs are not offered to the children of broken home which influence their performance in school.