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Cima management case study may 2019 pre seen. How to Analyse Your CIMA Case Study Pre Seen (To Pass Your Exam)

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Get used to the exam format in advance. As much as you can! Using the key models and theories we give you an in-depth understanding of the pre-seen organisation and its position in the market Topics include: You don't need to be a price winner, you don't need to get marks, you just need to pass. I could help you with that - we partnered with a brilliant tutor, with whom we prepared the necessary materials helping you succeed at your next MCS exam.

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You go through the text, paragraph by paragraph, page by page, using your theoretical models learned in the objective papers. Ground rules also analyse past papers and guide you on how to develop a balanced answer in the exam.

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Our lead lecturer will also be easily reached via SMS, emails, Skype and other mediums. Review all the key lessons from your mocks. Exams are conducted 4 times a year end of February, May, August and November over a period of 5 days.

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This is our mission — to help CIMA students pass their exam on the first attempt. This document would also include links to varied theoretical areas, relations to the real world industry and real world companies and indications on possible tasks, issues, areas and scenarios that can essay on plastic boon or curse on the actual examinations.

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Shall I prepare a blog article about planning and structuring a CS answer? Our strategic analysis has done the hard work for you!

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Step 2: That will help you understand what are they looking at. You should be familiar with the environment of the company, with its competition, with all the stakeholders. There are 5 different variants of this exam so in case there is another person taking the same exam, the chances of you both having the same questions is low.

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And as with panning for gold, you can end up wasting hours of time and effort for no reward. Because a thorough pre seen analysis is a key part of your exam prep. You can do all the preparation, you can plan your answers, but then it will be another person assessing how well you did. You will find the exam simulator, exam questions and model answers provided by CIMA, as well as examiners commentary and marking guidelines.

What to do during your exam?

Astranti: CIMA Management Case Study Pre-seen Materials

The sheer volume of your CIMA case study pre seen material can be a daunting essay on plastic boon or curse. Try not to master every single element of the course - listen to your tutor and focus your time on the key areas or any areas you find harder.

Take a sample from any past papers, have a look at the question and at a model answer provided by CIMA.

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I believe that signing up with a proper tuition provider can cut your studying time at least in half. You will get emails from your boss, or from a Finance Director asking for your opinion, asking to analyse something, asking for a recommendation in a form of an email or a report.

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Ensure that you are very familiar with the business, especially the financial information, before the exam as this will help you with applying your knowledge and will save you time. Just like OT, case studies are also computer based.

Give Yourself An Overview Skim through the material quickly a couple of times to get a feel for what the case is about. Is it something you would be interested in? Keep an eye on the time sample essay for gre and stick to your timings.

Pre-seen Material

If you want to pass that is! The only thing to do is to click the button and sign up for the free MCS demo: In case this is something that might interest you, here is the link: You can review your own script if you fully understand the marking scheme of the exam and note any key lessons learnt ready for your next mock exam attempt, but I find this very rarely works as we are not very good judges of our own performance.

It is mostly a description of a fictitious situation and gives you a perspective on what has to be done. With this in mind I drafted a study timetable immediately after booking onto my course, ensuring that I set aside adequate time in each of these areas.

Use our exam simulator to practice Nov past mock exam.

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By now, you should have: Familiarise yourself with the Industry of the Pre-Seen. This document guides you on possible issues and practical solutions. The examiners expect students to demonstrate a good understanding of the models and theories and make the appropriate links to the case study during the exam. Once you have worked your way through the pre-seen materials, you can now test your understanding with our pre-seen knowledge questions.

I think it is good to get a perspective from another person. So think about it as a necessary evil that aims only at improving your career.

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Students would be able to ask questions directly and get advices by lecturer on exam skills, study planning and on revision work will also be given. The greater the variety of questions you come across when studying, the higher the probability that you may get a similar question in the exam and be well prepared for it.

Remember why you are supplying this information e. You can do that here: These are your golden nuggets. Take it easy the day before your exam, sleep well and relax the night before the exam.

How to Pass Management Case Study Exam

My suggestion is to make sure you are done with the 1st revision of the 3 pillars by the time Pre-Seen is released. Remember, no calculations will be necessary at this point, you just need to interpret the numbers you are given. Anyway, it's up to you, I'm just saying you have an option not to do it on your own or attending highly expensive classes.

If you have any questions you can contact us via email, Skype, forum and even SMS. Are you would need to e.

  • You need to know it and then you need to know how to apply it.
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  • If you do mocks with us, we give you a possibility to get your mocks checked and receive a feedback.

My suggested way around it is: