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Tax holidays are provided for setting up suitable educational establishments. Holders of spouse permits qualify for permanent residence after five years.

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However, now only an employee of an international organisation who is not a citizen of Zambia is exempt. In Junethe Zambian immigration authorities introduced new requirements for employment permit applications. The relevant professional body shall also provide guidance regarding the periods required for a Zambian of a particular level of qualification and experience to assimilate the necessary skills to be able to take up a position occupied by an expatriate.

The electronic visa e-Visa is an online facility for applying for a visa to Zambia.

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We offer three options: While the law recognises the right of workers to form and join independent unions, conduct legal strikes and bargain collectively, there are statutory restrictions limiting these rights. Additionally, there is a service fee of 25 USD for standard processing.

Cross-Border Permit A Cross-Border Permit is issued to a foreigner who is a member of a regional grouping to which Zambia is a party or one who ordinarily resides in a country sharing boundaries with Zambia and is a member of an association of persons engaged in cross-border business.

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What is the cost to obtain teachers comments on homework Zambia e-Visa? The holder can either use these 30 days in one trip or spread them throughout the year; in this context the applicable month period is not necessarily a calendar year, but rather one year from the time the business visa was first granted. In the event that an employee is summarily dismissed, he or she shall be paid upon dismissal the wages and allowances due up to the date of the dismissal.

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You can enter Zambia on any date within this period. This permit is issued to any business visitor intending to remain in Zambia for a period exceeding 30 days. The challenge is to create a modern, dynamic financial sector and also encourage the participation of Asian financial institutions.

Requirements for variation by inclusion of another company Covering letter addressed to the Director General of Immigration; Duly completed application form Form 9 ; Certificate of Incorporation.

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This permit is issued for three months and can be renewed once more, up to a maximum of six months over a month period. Standard Processing: Business Passport sized photo; Passport copy of applicant; Cover letter on company letterhead with full address and contact numbers addressed to the Director General of Immigration; Invitation from host company; and Certified copy of certificate of incorporation essay transitions list host company.

The newly implemented changes regarding employment permit applications facilitate the application process for employers, making it more comprehensive; however, applications will now require additional planning from the sponsoring entity.

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Labour laws in Zambia apply to everyone within the country, including non-Zambians. The cost of the Zambia e-Visa varies depending on the number of entries you choose. It depends on the processing time you choose.

The immigration official upon arrival can look up the letter on their system, but we highly recommend that travelers print out the document. Application filing: It needs to be signed and dated, and contain the dates and purpose of travel, and where the applicant is staying while in Zambia.

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A business visitor is a person who comes to Zambia to attend meetings, conferences, arranging of business transactions and the signing of contracts and includes; an overseas worker, who is paid by an employer abroad or a volunteer, who comes to Zambia for a short period, to work, offer a service, install, erect, repair or service foreign made machinery or equipment; a person who comes to Zambia to advise on the development of new discovery practice essay questions systems or information technology; or the provision of any service constituting advice, training or learning by observation or in a classroom.

We offer three options: This registration is mandatory for all expatriates. Call for details. Employers must advertise the position in at least two leading newspapers for a reasonable time frame — about 14 to 30 calendar days.

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Indian Citizens who require a visa to come to Zambia are eligible to apply for e-visas Step 1. This letter allows the applicant to travel into Zambia and his or her passport will be endorsed with a normal entry stamp at the port of entry. The meeting served as a platform for discussions about the facilitation of movement of persons in the region, pursuant to the SADC Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, and also to support implementation of the African Union Agendain relation to free movement of persons in Africa and the African Union Passport.

When the initial business visa has been obtained valid for 30 days the application for the short-term work permit can be submitted.

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Tourist Passport sized photo; Passport copy of applicant; Cover letter from applicant addressed to the Director General of Immigration which must be signed by the author; Hotel booking; and Copy of return air ticket. A copy of the succession plan training programmeincluding the names of the understudies, must be provided at the time of filing. According to the Department of Immigration, the following requirements will affect individuals seeking work authorisation for longer than six months: The extension must be sought before the days expire.