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The recruiter wants to know why you are the right candidate for the role, so use this opportunity to show your enthusiasm. But remember, recruiters are really busy people, so don't waste time telling them twice the same things. Research the organisation and the sector — the company website, LinkedIn and Twitter are good places to start. For undergraduates, it is appropriate to ask your personal academic tutor to provide a reference, alternatively you could ask a course leader, or your dissertation supervisor, but always seek permission and keep in touch with your referees so that they are aware of the roles you are applying for.

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In the UK way. Research paper on unified modeling language CV is well written and well organised, making it easy for the reader to find the details they are looking for You are concise: If applying for further study, has the institution stated what they expect of potential candidates?

Check for mistakes in grammar and spelling, use formal business English, and make sure language is positive and straightforward.

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Think about what to highlight and make it clear to the reader why you are a strong candidate for the job. Choosing your referees It is usual for employers to ask for the details of 2 referees. It also carries job advertisements. What is the organisation looking for?

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Career and employability chat. For some people, the fear of disclosure or bad experiences in the past stops them from making certain applications for employment. Give clear evidence of your motivation for the role and the organisation.

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You need to be apples or oranges essay what the employer is looking for and demonstrate how your skills match the specific requirements of the job description. Explain what particular aspects of the job are most attractive to you, and why.

It's your first and often only opportunity to connect with the employer, so don't waste their time using copied and pasted templates, use your words well to let them know you know them.

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Login to access video, audio and tutorial resources, including input from a range of graduate employers. Do not assume that they will see your disability in a negative way, but acknowledge that they may have some initial concerns and as with your application form, present your case positively and reassure the employer where needed.

Below is a range of resources to help you produce an effective CV.

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Companies may wish to assess what you know about their industry and so they may ask your views on the main issues facing the sector, for example, or how you feel the company can stand out from its competitors. This is also an opportunity to outline and tackle potential problems on your CV e. If you have specific certifications related to any skills, add them here Interests: The careers team offer regular workshops on producing an effective CV and cover letter.

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If you do not have an employment based referee, you could use someone who knows you through a voluntary role, for example, or if you have no other options, a family friend. This will include some or all of the following: Competency based questions. It will be sent along with a CV, either in an application cover letter london an advertised vacancy or when making speculative applications enquiring about a possible job or work experience opportunities.

Their team offer you free support, advice and guidance throughout the entire recruitment process and beyond. What examples could you provide to show how you have developed and used your skills or knowledge?

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Refer to the sections below for tips on producing an effective CV and cover letter and for completing online cover letter london forms. Marketers are specialists in this, they use videos, photos and words to make you buy their products. Register with them to gain access to opportunities. This article is essay fiesta lincoln square tailored guide to getting hired in London from someone who worked in the recruitment and management cover letter london field in the UK since Always keep a copy of the completed form for reference.

A useful model for structuring answers is Situation - a very brief description of the circumstance.

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Relevance is key to success. Living with your health problem or disability has given you transferable skills that employers look for e. You should aim to: A covering letter should: Always use specific examples to support your statements, and avoid being too vague.

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If you wish to disclose, there are several appropriate times to do so during the application and interview procedure. The introduction Explain who you are and why you are writing.

Having a good understanding of what is required will help you decide what aspects of your experience will be of most interest to the organisation. It should be no more than five lines long Education: How to disclose — marketing yourself effectively It is important to think about all the skills that you can offer essay questions odyssey employer.

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They take time and require research to construct but once you know how to write a great one, you can market yourself effectively for any job. How have you developed your interest and knowledge? You can also highlight any key achievements you want to draw their attention to. Once your CV and cover letter are sparkling gorgeous, you can finally start sending them to the employers, but make sure to prepare for your job interview in London.

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This helps you to see what information you need to gather together and to consider which aspects of your experience you might want to highlight. Unlike in ItalyBritish employers are keen to know how you spend your time outside the office to get to know you better, so add brief information about any interests and hobbies you might have References: Once you have identified what the organisation is looking for and gathered together evidence which shows that you can meet these requirements then you will be able to decide what particular skills and experiences you want to highlight in your application to convince the reader that you are a strong candidate.

Ultimately, Your CV should: Top Tips for Your Cover Letter: Relevance is key to success 3.