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For an extra large tortoise group project, go to this page on my website: Write about your experience and be sure to describe how you felt during and after the event.

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What is the coolest-looking building in our city? Visit Wikipedia's Mayflower page to learn more about the voyage of the Mayflower.

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The photograph on the right shows examples of 5 Punctuation Puppies. Stationery and Writing Paper Friendly Spider Paper - This file includes three styles of writing paper adorned with cute spiders. Tell how you would build it?

Which of your extended family members are you closest with? Describe what is on it and how you would make it. On my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lesson plans page you will find a large group project for students to create an extra large Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

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Each worksheet is colorful, has examples, and space for students to write their responses. How is it different from other architectural designs? The first year this holiday was celebrated was On my Enormous Crocodile lesson plans page you will find templates for a gigantic crocodile group project.

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Homeschool Worksheets Creative Writing Prompts Our zoo dissertation ideas worksheets are thoughtfully created, with you in mind! My The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me lesson plans page contains a fun giraffe project that is 3 feet tall when it is assembled together.

Students will enjoy working through each sentence to read the surprise ending. Challenge your homeschoolers to evaluate, consider and dream about all sorts of things related to their education.

What is the most interesting fact you know?

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Then, they try to finish it using their own words. What laws would you put into place? Truck Paper Writing activity - You preschool or kindergarten child can color the truck, write a story, and personalize it by pasting their picture in the cab of the truck!

Imagine that you are living in the year and write about what your life would be like. What makes this place ideal for thinking and relaxing by yourself?

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Where do you like to go when you need some time to be alone? For lesson plans and fun projects to use with this award winning novel, click here to go to Heidi's Shiloh lesson plans page.

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What needs to happen for world peace to occur? If you could go to space at some point in your life, what would you most like to see or experience? On this day, people should remember how important it is to be a good neighbor and that people should recognize and appreciate their neighbors. Great vocab and spelling practice!

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The Constitution states that a person must be at least 35 years to be elected president. Use these fun creative writing prompts for some fascinating responses from your home school students. For a student who is full of imagination and eager to express his or her inner thoughts, journaling can be an exciting alternative to more traditional school assignments like book reports and themes.

What kinds of things would you talk about?

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Describe what makes him or her so interesting and what you think of his or her life. While we love logic and vocabulary, we understand that writing is paramount: Either way, write about it! His favorite place was his father's apple orchard because he loved apples and this inspired him to introduce and plant apple seeds through the frontiers of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Why is it important to have a Peace Day?

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Give reasons for your choice and where you would plant these seeds. What kind of freedoms would you include in your Classroom Bill of Rights? Why is it so important to you?

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  • Technology has not yet invented a way that a student's writing can be checked; this can only be done by a teacher.

Choose anything in the universe and write about it—whether or not it would be realistic for a person to travel there! Spring Acrostic Poem - Write a poem about spring and begin each line with a letter from the word spring.

The Charters of Freedom website provides information and free downloads about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Creative writing prompt worksheets what kinds of things you like to do during that season.

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Johnny Appleseed was an American pioneer and is best known for roaming the countryside planting apple seeds from which many apple orchards are said to have begun. What experiences of other fifth graders would you choose to share?

How do you think this saying came to be? If you could choose the seeds from one fruit or vegetable to carry around and plant, which one would you choose?

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Creative Writing Activity 2 - Write a short story about what this cowboy sees in the package. What the word "peace" means to me. Around the 4th millennium BC, the complexity of trade and administration outgrew the power of memory, and writing became a more dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form.

Johnny Appleseed's birthday is a perfect day to begin using reading incentive charts with your students. Students will enjoy visiting Shel Silverstein's Website. The Dispilio Tablet, which was carbon dated to the 6th millennium BC, may be evidence that writing was used even earlier than that.