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For example, capstone projects often involve independent study and creative problem solving. The design process must balance technical functionality and visual elements e. Plan a balanced schedule.

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EE Students should also consider taking Business or Communication courses as possible general education courses. Still others curriculum vitae de miguel angel cornejo regular non-software businesses that need to hire web hackers to create dynamic web sites for the company.

Other things to consider: By attending different schools for undergrad and grad, you will best prepare yourself to become an independent researcher.

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Who should take it? The CSE faculty are very knowledgeable as to which schools have strong programs in your area of interest, so make sure to consult them before applying.

  1. Talk with faculty and grad TAs who taught courses that you particularly enjoyed.
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  3. Student support, like advising, may be less readily-available than at UW.
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The number of credits does not always reflect the workload: Computer-security practitioners work at the hardware level, with embedded systems, with software, and with improving the usability of computer security systems. The CS and CE programs each require total credits to graduate. CSE provides an introduction to programming languages and tools for creating websites and web-based applications—skills that are increasingly useful in a variety of fields, as people conduct more of their professional and personal lives online.

Introductory Courses

Not offered every quarter, currently called CSE L in the spring schedule. Since this is only a 1-credit seminar, economics thesis papers people take this in addition to two "real" CSE courses. The goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as simple, efficient, satisfying, and possibly fun as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals—what is often called user-centered design.

These one-quarter programs cover a range of class subjects around the world. Many of the other specializations such as systems developer, web developer, etc. The curriculum for a software engineer is heavily, but not solely, experiential.

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Despite increasing overlap with data mining and other areas, high-performance computing remains a distinct community. If you are interested in taking CSE course please look here for more information.

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Computer security training can also be a valuable complement to anyone working in computer science, since -- unfortunately -- computer security issues arise all too frequently with deployed computer systems. Couse evaluations need to be sent to faculty for approval, so there is no need to schedule an advising meeting until you hear back about evaluation decisions.

Each item on the timeline is described in further detail in the various sections on this page.

General Advice

Occasionally, faculty posts opportunities to the news blog, but you will need to be proactive. Regarding cost: Computer-security issues can also affect all parts of a system, from the hardware to the user interface.

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Participating students earn one additional credit for the seminar; in addition, the Honors Program grants students who complete CSE or in conjunction with the seminar credit for one 5-unit math or science course in the core. Give Feedback We want to hear from you!

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Capacity This new course is growing in size — the pilot offerings have been fewer than students, but it is likely to grow quickly. It is a survey course introducing the essential elements of data science: In the General exam, you submit a written report on the problem to your Ph.

Capacity CSE is usually offered once per year to dissertation utopie dystopie.

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What next? Creativity, insight, teamwork, self-motivation, leadership, presentation and writing skills are all highly valuable to researchers, and in fact, the technical leadership of most companies excel at many of these same qualities. Department colloquia are open to the public. Although many focus on specific aspects of the software lifecycle -- requirements engineering, architecture and design, testing and analysis, etc.

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Therefore, a computer-security practitioner should have as broad of a working knowledge in computer science as possible. Students will need to fulfill a General Education component, a Mathematics and Science component, and a Computer Science or Engineering component that consists of required classes and senior electives.

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CSE also may be required for other majors on campus. Programming Languages: Capacity CSE is offered every quarter, including summer.

Second body paragraph Being prepared to be a leader requires a set of skills; the best leaders are those who embrace open communication and encourage feedback. Leaders generally have the gift of gab, the ability to master their language and convey thoughts, ideals and motivation to the people they lead.

This project prepares you to take the General Examwhich measures your ability to analyze and synthesize research. The course complements CSEwhich focuses more deeply on fundamental programming concepts and the internals of data structures. Advice on applying to graduate school could fill a book, so it is best to talk specifically with a faculty member, preferably your research advisor, well before you apply.

Collaborate with classmates in the undergrad labs.


CSE, back to list Software Engineering Software engineers design, build and evolve software in a broad variety of domains. Students who are interested in taking additional programming classes or who intend to major in computer science or computer engineering may enroll in CSE or they may opt for CSE X, which combines material from both CSE and CSE into one accelerated course.

Upper-Level Courses In addition to our level courses, we cse uw coursework a selection of and level courses in which students can explore in some depth specific areas of computing in a format suited to non-majors. In contrast, CSE emphasizes the efficient use of those concepts for data cse uw coursework. CSE advisers can help you plan your courses, connect with resources, and provide general advice.


Startups in particular value students who cse uw coursework able to solve technical problems where the solutions are not well-understood in advance. It is not possible for us to fit everything worth learning about CSE in the scant number of credits available in the undergraduate degree program.

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CSE Majors. General Advice One of the most important things to know about the CSE registration process is how to get advice and help from Allen School advisers.

Introductory Non-Major Courses:

Research experience can be gained in a number of ways. Some schools are now conducting phone interviews of some candidates; for this it helps to attend research seminars in your area of research, and to practice by talking to graduate students about their work and your work. If you wish to meet in person, check the advising calendar for drop-in hours or email to arrange a longer meeting.

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