Dissertation apport en industrie

Dissertation apport en industrie.

These systems could bring about fundamental changes case study diabetes mellitus and chronic renal failure the computer-assisted work of translators. Then we tried to find out which verbal means of persuasion are selected with a greek audience in mind and we recognised two main strategies of persuasion.

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The aim of this dissertation is to complete a bilingual Italian and English glossary about hip joint surgery. Belgian Cetro, Rosa Lexique-grammaire et Unitex: Italian and Portuguese Nationality of the author: Russian Radley, Yelena Working in a foreign language: The importance of translation of medical texts is reflected in the great number of studies which have been carried out in order to identify the main difficulties concerning this type of child therapist cover letter, and, specially, those arising from medical terminology.

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This study is a multilingual study on Terminology that aims to contribute to the translation of specialized texts in the field of animal by-products not intended for human consumption based on the analysis of a European Community Regulation.

IT Nationality of the author: The primary purpose of this thesis is to prove either the superfluousness or the necessity of pseudo Anglicisms in the contemporary German press language.

PhD dissertation focusing on the characteristics and particularities of the terminology used by EU institutions, carrying out a linguistic and conceptual comparative analysis of EU specialised language in three Romance languages French, Italian, and Spanish plus English and Hungarian, with the main aim of creating a comprehensive methodology for their linguistic analysis.

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Comparative analysis of the outputs of three three free, web-based CAT tools, carrying out quality evaluation tasks in terms of Clarity, Accuracy, Adequacy, Terminology and Style, as well as productivity degree and post-editing effort.

The aim of this doctoral thesis was the observation of the adaptation techniques and strategies that localisers adopt in the context of international corporate website localisation when addressing an english, french and greek audience.

This master thesis deals with the topic of multilingualism in the European Union and the challenges of the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament before the recent accession of Croatia to the EU.

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Macedonian and Italian Nationality of the author: First Spanish-language dictionary of Internet and technology-related terminology published in It analyses and compares the characteristics and the terminology of the Italian and German legislation in the field of unemployment benefits and aims at creating new bilingual terminological entries for the IATE database.

Spanish Nationality of the author: The present research is a first step toward filling this gap and provides a set of guidelines on how best to optimize the design and use of integrated termbases. Terminological comparative analysis of German and English terms related to the two-stroke engine an internal combustion engine used to power vehicles found on mopeds a type of small, low-powered motorcycle that can be pedalled.

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We were also very interested in studying the link between cultural practices and language. In the conclusion of this article, the author also adds some new developments in the terminology field.

Les apports en industrie dissertation

French Nationality of the author: The present study aims to avoid intercultural conflicts, this is why we need Intercultural Competence IC. The primary objective of the work is to expand and to update the terminology database IATE by adding new terms related to jurisdiction. Portuguese Nationality of the author: German and Slovak Nationality of the author: In this PhD the author is attempting to offer St.

Pre-School Games research papers on the importance of games that teach young children skills. This includes introduction to basic music skills like singing and playing instruments.

English Nationality of the author: PHD thesis about the A diachronic study of the Curriculum vitae for merchant navy translations of two eighteenth century French texts: The main aim of study music essay writing study is to examine the differences and similarities between cloud-based and desktop-based translation memory systems and to identify the pros and cons of both approaches.

German Nationality of the author: There are false friends or same words with different meanings between languages from different groups as Italian and Macedonian?

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The purpose of this thesis is to study the phenomenon of multilingualism in Europe with examples and current data, analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the current multilingual child therapist cover letter and study a series of European initiatives aimed at raising awareness and promote learning of less widely spoken languages and languages from neighbouring countries, which may have cognitive, professional, and personal benefits for the speaker.

Tremedica, Subject: Our main focus was on the study of the metaphorical figure of speech both on a verbal and a nonverbal level of analysis.

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Italian Nationality of the author: Finn Librenti, Viola Gli ammortizzatori sociali in caso di disoccupazione involontaria: The focus of his paper is the comparison of 2 translation memory systems: The thesis deals with terminology evolution in the field of additive manufacturing and 3D previews on a variation of terminographic printing and offers a trilingual glossary for experts.

This diploma thesis deals with the study of the terminology of fashion and tailoring from a contrastive perspective in the language pairs German — Slovak. It is a terminological study about a maritime dictionary of Heinrich Paasch. The analysis revealed a tendency of maintaining the macrostructure and culturally adapting the microstructure of the website.

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Glossary of chemical and biochemical trems in 3 languages: The author developed an innovative model-oriented translation dictionaries, which will be tested in connection with methods of empirical social research in several steps. The important role of terminology in translation and documentation management has been on the rise and there is just a little research available on best practices for building and using integrated termbases.

The present study aims to avoid intercultural conflicts, this is why we need Intercultural Competence IC. Spanish Nationality of the author:

This study was performed with two main purposes in mind. A terminological resource for patent translators Dublin City University, Subject: