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My research focuses on nineteenth-century literature, cinema and creative writing. I am generally able to look at material produced in Latin but have more limited expertise in this area. I am fluent in French, Italian, and Spanish, and have competence in German: I can also supervise projects on the connections between European and Latin American literary currents and authors, especially in poetry.

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Dr Kerstin Oloff. Italian Dr Annalisa Cipollone.

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I have also written about some of the ways in which Russian poetry comes into contact with other media, such as painting and cinema. Much of my scholarship addresses the reception of classical antiquity through translation, commentaries, editing and intertextuality, often with a focus on gender and sexuality.

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I have taught and published on both of these strands and I will be happy to supervise up to two dissertations per year on topics related to the history of language theories, as well as Slavonic historical, contact or socioliguistics.

I would welcome dissertation students looking into any of these areas.

You should assume, however, that for your dissertation you will need to expand beyond the primary and secondary source base covered in these modules.

Suggested topics include: I would particularly welcome projects that explore texts of the democratic period, but I would consider earlier twentieth-century visual materials if relevant to my field of study. I am happy for students to take forward ideas related to the topics, texts and critical approaches I teach at levels I and II. Dr Stefano Cracolici.

I speak Spanish, German and French and am happy to supervise across languages. Arabic Dr Alex Bellem. In addition to Spanish, I am generally able to look at material produced in Latin or in other romance languages, but have more limited research experience in those areas.

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My main area of research is sixteenth and seventeenth century print culture in Iberia, Spanish America and Brazil, focusing on questions at the intersection of the history of science and medicine with literary studies. On leavenot available for Dissertation supervision I am a linguist specialised in comparative and theoretical phonology and creative writing classes boston.

On leave Term 1, My work focuses on French philosophy from Descartes and the Enlightenment philosophes to the present, with a specific emphasis on contemporary political and social thought and its application to the problems of 21st-century politics: Understanding Russia: I specialise in Arabic geographical and travel literature, and have a special focus on Arab travellers to Europe in the creative writing classes boston century and a broader interest in the Tunisian and Egyptian Nahda movements.

Dr Marcela Cazzoli.

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My final-year module is From the Middle Ages to Modernity: There are a number of different ways in which to present foreign languages in scholarly English writing, with the most straightforward being direct quotation. I work on Russian and Soviet cinema, with emphases on the social history of pre-Revolutionary cinema, Sergei Eisenstein, and the cinema s of the Caucasus.

On leavenot available for Dissertation supervision The primary focus of my research and teaching is early modern French literature and culture.

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My research has several strands, focusing on 20th- and 21st-century word and image moving and still imagesbroadly defined as literature and visual culture. Dr Simon Ward.

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On leave innot available for Dissertation supervision. I am interested in questions of authorship, performance practices, violence and ethics. I am also interested in the period of European modernism, and more specifically in the notions of subjectivity and fragmentation, which I have researched extensively in the works of Samuel Beckett and Carlo Emilio Gadda.

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German Dr Benjamin Schaper. Term paper on gst 112 leavenot available for Dissertation supervision My main area of expertise is Italian early modern culture, broadly defined as the age spanning from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century.

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  • In particular, it critically engages with recent re-elaborations of these questions in light of our current historical moment, in deconstruction, biopolitics, psychoanalysis, new materialism, media theory, neoliberalism, utopian thought, and so on.
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I am very happy for students to take forward ideas related to the subjects, texts, and critical approaches covered in my teaching at levels I and II, or to develop ideas related specifically to the content of my final-year module, Sex and Society in Spanish Literature to I am also deeply interested in questions of 'national' identities and evolving sample business plan assignment, which form a part of my postgraduate teaching.

Dr Claudia Nitschke.

"dissertation" German translation

I am familiar with medieval culture more widely and could potentially supervise projects bringing in medieval material in other languages Latin, Italian, English especiallyor interdisciplinary projects dialoguing with medieval history, visual culture, law, philosophy, theology or political theory.

My research focusses on contemporary literature post — mainly thesis warehouse management but I would happily supervise topics on film, theatre and television as dissertation german translation.

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I would also consider supervising topics relating to contemporary politics or to the history of French philosophy and political theory, including in relation to literature and film.

Suggested areas that students might like to consider but are certainly not limited to include: I am particularly interested in the term paper on gst 112 between philosophy and literature and in questions of nationalism and exoticism, as well as in pre-Freudian ideas about the unconscious.

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Dr Katrin Wehling-Giorgi. Dr Catherine Fw business plan competition. I'm also interested essay on why pitbulls should not be banned modern and contemporary Arabic literature, film, TV, music, visual art, etc.

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I'm also interested in literary reflections of social, cultural, and political historical realities and mentalities. I would be happy to supervise dissertation in these areas as well as topics on the tensions between aesthetics and political and moral engagement, Romanticism, Realism and Postmodernism.

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I am also interested in the relationship between literature and visual and popular culture in the nineteenth century pantomime, circus, posters. My secondary research interest centers on contemporary Latin American film, particularly in a post s context.

For the example in the paragraph above, the translation could simply be placed in parentheses immediately after the quotation: My work focuses on medieval French, Franco-Italian and Occitan literature, with particular interest in modern theoretical readings of medieval texts using psychoanalysis, anthropology, postcolonial theory and political theory especiallyas well as medieval translation and medieval politics.

I work on the literature of the pre-modern Islamicate world broadly defined, but my main research interest is in the classical Arabic poetic system and its offshoots in other languages. Professor Nick Saul.