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Exploring health insurance services in Sudan from the perspectives of insurers

Manual coding was used and coding continued till the identification of all themes. With this broad approach, enrolment rates among patients with pre-existing conditions, especially chronic illnesses, tended to be high. The Development of Juridical Knowledge in Sudan].

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S9 Services coverage Coverage can be analysed in terms of breadth, depth and height. In HIKS, approval letters should be taken from counties; this is inconvenient for the patients.

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Schneider P, Diop F. He analyses street economies in Sudan. The culture of insurance yet to be rooted in the mindset of the Sudanese. S6 Some medicines can be prescribed by GPs while others should be prescribed by consultants only or even at specialized healthcare institutions.

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S5 We provide the services at our own healthcare facilities. His research relates to The Protection of Minorities in Peacebuilding Process and mainly addresses ethnic groups.

Associate Researcher and PHD Candidates | Researching Sudan – A perspective on contemporary Sudans

So as to associate these two issues into one comprehensive study, the research combines two objectivist approaches life changing experience essay conclusion international law: The impact of structural adjustment programs on the health sector in the Sudan: But this system is inconvenient regarding obtaining approval letters from the counties for several types of services.

S4 Compared to SHI in other countries in the region, Egypt for example, we are much better in terms of services quality. It is crucial to search for the connecting point between Christian mission and the South Sudanese. The field data were coded by the first and the second author separately.

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P25 Challenges Participants described several challenges that have been facing health insurance in Sudan. Moreover, there are disparities regarding insurance coverage between rural and urban essay mamas essay writing guide and between formal and informal sectors. Saeed YA.

However, if there are some services that are not available, the patient can obtain them from outside our facilities and we provide him with reimbursement.

S3 Our services are outsourced, but we have a system of control. The period he is studying follows 50 years of Anglo-Egyptian rule in Sudan during which banking was dominated by expatriate firms, and precedes the rising importance both of official international creditors and Islamic Banking exported from the Gulf. Atim C.

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Transcripts were produced in English and were paper based. The very poor and the high income groups were less well represented in the member population as compared to the non-member population. He researches jurisprudence and knowledge production in West and North Africa, with a particular focus on the intellectual history, texts, and communities that shaped legal scholarship from the 18th to early 20th centuries.

The latter is much more expensive compared to SHI. S5 We do not exclude expensive services such as open heart surgery; actually we have a contract with the heart center to manage our patients.

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S7 The insurance market is small in Sudan. Each level has a specific list of investigations and medicines. Q2 Are there any disparities in coverage among the different socioeconomic or geographical groups?

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They differ in terms of the presence or absence of gatekeeping process. Achieving adequate membership rates is likely to be easier when households are taken as the basis of membership. S1 I think we provide good quality services.

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Health Aff ; 25 2: Notepapers and audiotape recording were used to collect the data, which was then transcribed by the first author and checked for accuracy by the second author. Reading Circles, Canonization, and Making of Community: Law as Commentary: The excluded medicines are either those highly specialized or those with high cost: These packages have either different types of services or have the same types of services but with different cost ceilings: Main Publications: They have large networks of health centres and everything can be done easily at the healthcare facilities with few exceptions that need othello analytical essay letters such as operations and expensive radiology investigations.

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D student in Islamic Studies at Harvard University. Private health insurance in low- and middle-income countries: