Dissertation on tobacco use

Dissertation on tobacco use,

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Female smokers also disadvantage themselves by increasing their risk of lung cancer by nearly 12 times. Most smokers use cigarettes because of their addiction to nicotine.

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Cognitive dissonance of attitudes towards smoking Cognitive dissonance, whereby smokers held beliefs about smoking which conflicted with their behavioural actions and led to rationalisation of their behaviour, was apparent in many smokers. This is consistent with research that has found that only high motivation smokers view plain packaging as an effective strategy to support cessation [ 32 ] and that point of sale displays do influence purchases in younger smokers [ 33 ] and encourage more smoking in established smokers [ 34 ].

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As well as behavioural and pharmological treatments there are nicotine replacement therapies. This suggests that more sensitive measures of current levels of motivation to quit need to be developed in further research.

Smoking reduces the fertility of both women and men, with escalating figures in terms of smokers dissertation on tobacco use from an early rate this could soon affect birth rate. Perceptions of being a smoker Many smokers, in particular low motivation smokers, had positive evaluations about being a smoker and stated that they enjoyed being a smoker. The main reasons given as to why smokers did not want to quit immediately were that they felt no detrimental health effects, they enjoyed smoking a lot, and that they would eventually quit in the future.

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In some focus groups, smokers encouraged each other to recall stories of smoking experiences, and to further highlight the benefits of being a smoker and things they would miss if they quit. Nicotine is metabolised rapidly, the body expels it from the body in a matter of hours.

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The question remains is it ethical or moral to segregate smokers from society? By contrast, some participants illustrated their dislike of being a smoker, in one case in the context of expressing disapproval of a relapse following a successful quit attempt: The prime effect is the addictive side, though of equal importance is the property that nicotine regulates feelings of pleasure.

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Three and half, four and a half grand a year if I smoke 10 to 20 fags a day. Nicotine remains as one of the most widely abused substances as identified by the national household survey on Drug abuse. Furthermore, all smokers stated reasons why they ought to quit smoking, most commonly for their health, and to save money: If passive smoking and the complications that arise due to smoking is not enough of an incentive for the average individual to aid others in combating nicotine addiction future impacts should act as motivation.

Additionally, proposed tobacco control policies were believed to be ineffective in affecting purchases for most smokers. There have been substantial increases in the sales and consumption how do you start an essay with a quote smokeless tobacco products recently.

Disease can arise due to passive smoking therefore laws and ethics should work to protect the general public from health problems. While nicotine gum and patches may alleviate the pharmacological aspects of withdrawal, cravings often persist Chronic exposure to nicotine be it directly or indirectly passive smoking results is some sort of addiction. Jul This is a dissertation chapter on Smoking: This finding may have practical implications for treatment, as it may be effective for primary care providers to offer brief cessation advice to all patients who smoke during consultations [ 26 ].

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It is this addiction instigated by nicotine that inhibits smokers from quitting. In discussions, smokers were very keen to openly discuss why they liked smoking. If a year-old man quit smoking on average his life expectancy would increase by 5.

  1. Youths remain the prime consumers of the cigarette industry.
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As cigarettes become more commercial the effects are emphasised more, especially to students. Many smokers stated that price increases of cigarettes needed to be more drastic in order to effectively reduce the number of purchases made: Therefore tolerance is lost over night, as time progresses acute tolerance supreme court case study 31 answer key, cigarettes become less effective and more are consumed.

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These therapies are beneficial as they have little abuse potential since they do not produce such pleasurable effects. Other factors include the practically non-existent legal and social consequences of tobacco use, the sophisticated marketing and advertising methods used by tobacco companies.

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A chemical other than nicotine adding to the pleasurable incentive that smoking generates must cause this adverse effect. The judgemental public eye fails to finger point social and media influences, advertising and promotion, peer pressure and celebrity manipulation as the instigators for many smokers.

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Although low motivation smokers had scored a mean motivation score [ 18 ] of 4. Low motivation smoker, Male, Age 48, Focus Group. For non-smokers the attitude taken to smokers is commonly cynical. By the Worldwide Health Organisation expects the worldwide death toll due to nicotine to reach 10 million, causing Smokers are considered by some, an inconvenience to society, polluting the air, the cause to passive smoking.

Also known as the components of the modern day cigarette.

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Because the inclinations are so small really. In terms of judging smokers, it is important to consider the addictive properties of nicotine as well as its high level of availability. To the individuals that remain indifferent passive smoking needs to be highlighted in order for society to recognise and deal with those smokers who are in urgent need of help.

Smokers especially youth smokers have to be made more aware of the severity of smoking.

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Perceived effectiveness of policies and services Attitudes towards tobacco control policies As PRIME theory [ 16 ] states, environmental cues can influence the decision to smoke by triggering impulses. Individuals need to be motivated to quit, and no attempt to help someone quit is worthless. Statistics such as these remain constant sources representative of the dangers thesis title for master of arts in education nicotine addiction.