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The former variable is highly correlated with total energy consumption across all cities.

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The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the potential of both the programs to do the whole building energy analysis and compare the results with the actual building energy performance. The plug-in uses the Cellular Method for Optimal Shading to determine for outdoor locations the degree of importance to provide either shading or solar penetration during a period.

  • The tool calculates the relevant accumulation of radiation data on an analysis grid for a selected period, but in contrast to the plug-in, it does do not account for both summer needs for shading and winter needs for solar penetration.
  • Conducting hourly shading projection and a data accumulation process at all cells ; 5.

The choice of which building simulation program should be used might vary in each case. Refer to the steps in the Curve Fit Model procedure.

Now click on Button 2 shown below to generate the second set of parameters. Geometric Analysis 4: Setting a shading grid; 2.

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Another important conclusion was that each variable's effect on energy consumption worked independently of each other, as there were no considerable differences when analyzing variables individually, as opposed to analyzing them holistically. In addition, it can be applied to a sequence of short time-segments, in order to design dynamic shading systems.

Ph.D. Thesis, John M. Sullivan Cellular Method for Optimal Solar Shading.

The energy plus thesis points must have varying inlet conditions e. In high dimensions, I review the best asymptotic bounds known.

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US Patent Application. The tool is limited to simple forms of windows, and requires an external thermal analysis.

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Copy and Paste Parameters 1 to Initial Guess 2. The parameters generated will be displayed at Parameter 2. The tool calculates the relevant accumulation of radiation data on an analysis grid for a selected period, but in contrast to the plug-in, it does do not account for both summer needs for shading and winter needs for solar penetration.

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The simulation time would most likely be less but it depends on the accuracy value as well. Jin, Hui.

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An optimal shading form can help in optimizing annual building energy conservation, reducing the cost in operating mechanical systems of cooling and heating; thus supporting the world energy conservation and sustainability. Austin, Boston, and Seattle. Applications [reduced width] The Cellular Method for Optimal Shading was implemented in several state-of-the-art simulation programs.

Optimal Shading - RecoD A Comparison of Energy Plus and eQUEST Whole Building Energy Simulation Results for a Medium Sized Office Building Abstract With the increasing interest in energy efficient building design, whole building energy simulation programs are increasingly employed in the design process to help architects and engineers determine which design alternatives save energy and are cost effective. Then, this information can be utilized to modify the proposed shading-means.

Repeat the steps in 2a and 2b until a descriptive essay about me set of error values is achieved or the errors stop decreasing Step 3: Another objective of this thesis is to apply this tool to residential buildings in order to understand which variables are relevant in terms of energy consumption and LCC costs. Volume 2. The building stock is a large energy consumer and is characterized by rigid traditions, lack of innovation, short sighted economical calculations and lacking ambition in public regulations.

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For SI units: A total of simulations were run for each city. Wrong type of compressor selected would lead to the program crashing or inaccurate parameters. ENERGY PLUS

All rights reserved. The method was developed by architect Dr. In addition, since windows or walls are varied in configurations, orientations, and locations around the world, it is natural, that each one requires a unique shading form.

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The Cellular Method The Cellular Method for Optimal Shading evaluates numerous theoretical-cells of proposed shading-means such as shading device, overhang, etc. Error analysis of model are listed at cell B Adjust the values in Initial Guess 1 if the program happens to crash and try again.

Contact the manufacturer on the refrigerant used to generate the catalog data and select from the list of refrigerants.

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Step 2b: Rated sensible cooling capacity W which corresponds to the highest total cooling capacity listed in the catalog data.