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The scoring mechanism that we are using, is a two-phase scoring mechanism. First of all, the difference between human graded essay and computer graded essay is not very significant.

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This module also returns an array with index zero returning a 4 if the sentence is a statement of fact and a 0 otherwise. To compute the similarity between words, we used WordNet:: Then it is checked to see if the sentence is a question and if it is then it is not a statement, let alone a statement of fact.

This would usually trick a system, as the response seems to be pseudo-relevant.

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He has no time for his family and always seems to be found in his office when at home. If it contains such words, then the sentence is identified to be a statement of opinion or statement of fact respectively.

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Last but not least, computer scoring ethically is not good. It will help students and teachers a lot.

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Sentence For examples, many student know that the computer checks the essays, therefore they learn how to ebat the machine rather then being creative to write their essays and learn something. With this modification, the module was ready for the final version. Then we compute the average of all the entries in the matrix to determine the semantic coherence of the sentence, a value between 0 and 1.

If that value was greater than 3 then we termed the sentence as gibberish.

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Thus we came up with a measure with uses maximum information that can how to write your introduction in an essay derived from what statistics the modules offer. Applications to Educational Technology, http: The semantic similarities between these words are eating-meat - 0.

Sentence Suddenly he looks at his watch, then with a frantic look on his face, he lets out a bellowing roar of I'm late. Sentence Which do you find more compelling: Using the first Google result, fulltext for this Wikipedia record is retrieved.

Thus the statements of fact would be identified against statements of opinion. Message This sentence is in future tense Sentence Finally, I feel that the usage of automated essay scoring is good and should be followed by all including schools and universities.

However, there is, and always should be, atleast one human grader in the scoring process to take care of the anamolies that might arise in certain rare cases. Even though each student has his own views the computer is intelligent enough to catch the differences and grade accordingly. With such a threshold most of the sentences that a human assessor would evaluate essay papers css irrelevant are being detected as irrelevant.

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Like all machine-based approach, it does not suffer from errors due to fatigue and mental state. The response was entered to be People often complain that products are not made to last.

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Leisure time is becoming an increasingly rare commodity, largely because technology has failed to achieve its goal of improving our efficiency in our daily pursuits. Ontology, Fact Repository and Lexicons, http: Message This sentence is a statement of fact Nouns: Google query: Using computers makes work faster.

Thts why automated essay scoring is unfair to students. Is the computer grader trustworthy?