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I found myself among Smart and active boys.

My First Day at College Essay (450 Words)

Our stay at college was a period of stress-free life. There my first surprise came when I found that I would have to change my classroom after every period.

When I get back into the office luckily it was a different person there so I ask them were this building was.

He told us that college provides opportunity to choose what you want to become in future. In school, such a facility and liberty are not provided for students as they are mare children. The first day at college is really very special and memorable for every student.

Essay on " My First Day at College" English Essay for Class 8,9,10 and 12.

I thanked God that this time I was safe. I had heard a lot of stories about college life from my elder sibling and relatives. So, my family decided for it.

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I entered the college premises with new hopes and aspirations. Order now When I arrived my mother and I took care of registration and a plethora of things you have to essay on the importance of school rules as a new student.

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After a bad experience of strict discipline at school, I wanted to have a sigh of relief among pleasures of college life. It was indeed a memorable day in my life. This mobility, no doubt, instilled into us students new refreshments and instigation.

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I thought college life seneca falls convention thesis be full of pleasures. While eating, I was thinking about my mistaken conception about college.

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A college student is not put into within the four walls under the heavy pressure of teachers and guidance. It proved true during my stay in college.

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Don't Miss This Post. Instead, I found a muddy field; and there was no sign of grass.

My First Day at College Short and Long Essays | The College Study We were supposed to sit in each of these rooms by small groups to discuss the tough subjects. Everybody is slightly nervous as we are about to see our first cadaver.

I found that we would not have to sit motionless in one classroom all through the periods. The congregation of numerous unknown faces, however, bewildered me somewhat.

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It was the most historical college. According to them college is not as strict as school.

  1. Sweet memories of college life are simply amazing.
  2. While he was addressing us, an elderly person entered the hall.
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There is no restriction of uniform. There is no substitute for hard work.

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I was fascinated by the learned and lucid lectures of the teachers. I had only very recently found comfort in this classroom ; in this comforting place I call my refuge.

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After about 45 minutes of that it was time for me to go home.