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I must have committed some sin to have got him as my owner. As we know, a pencil is an efficient tool that encourages us to express our thoughts and emotions through the use of creating new scripts and contexts. I get scared when the sharpener gets close to me. She bought me- but she was a very cruel girl.

I was looking for a book about down and dirty love, the twists and feelings and complications, not the fairytale naive romantic type. The tales honest portrayal of our ability to decieve ourselves in This is my favorite book, a very well written collection of short stories about dysfunctional relationships, the kind of book I will read over and over again.

She explained the scene to her and the girl bought her me. I was born in pencil factory shop and after my birth, I was sent to the shops where they send everyone else as well. I feel special. I was born in a massive hospital in Germany called "Steadtler Writing Instruments.

One day, she forgot me in the class and the cleaner took me to his house and he gave me to his son who used me to do all his drawings. I felt so proud of myself I became her best friend and she stared research paper on computer science and engineering me. He kept me in his pocket which reeked. May 13, Pencils were created during the ancient times when our ancestors started developing calligraphy and wood tablets.

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Related Topics. But I gather courage and see the positive side of it. He uses me well and I am glad that I am precious to my new owner. She saw me but she did not have the money to buy me. The first time I saw the blade, I was terrified and thought that he was going to murder me.

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I have great power to show human mind and heart on paper. I was to my end, I became so short so she had to throw me away into the dustbin. An artistic individual with a talented skill of creating an image or set of images use pencils because it is one of the most convenient materials to ensure that the shape and symbols are created. A pencil is also used for drawing because the shade can be used for different strokes when creating new figures.

Immediately after I was born I was sent to a stationery shop where I was sold to a small girl named Pehal.

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I am very fond of my owner. Both the wooden piece and the lead content responsible for creating a shade is always an important material to build art. My outer body is black and my name is written on it but what is in the name.

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I am not grand. I had a miserable life. The Washington Post Facebook 0. Humans always need pencils because it can support their daily activities such as when writing a certain issue.

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I screamed in pain but no one came to my rescue. I was painted black and white and then in gold lettering they wrote We were kept separately on the counter. I can watch human passing by. The painter finds pleasure in drawing with me.

It was such an agony to be sliced and taken away. I was also damaged a little in the process of getting transported and I got a scratch on my body. I was very happy when she was holding me. Today she is a grown-up girl, and she has become a teacher and she still has me with her. Thus, Culture and Art of human are so much dependent on me. Architects use pencils to create a lay out or a plan before constructing a certain structure such as homes or buildings.

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His desk is organized and clean. The girl took me to her house and she started sharpening me. Then he adds color to make me look nice. When creating crafts such as wardrobes, using pencils is one of the most effective ways to create a master plan to design a new garment.

Then came the most beautiful part I was very disappointed but one day a cute girl came to buy a pencil.

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She used to drop me on the floor so my head will break and then she would sharpen me so much; it was eternal torture. If this case had persisted, I would have bade goodbye to this world soon. He was very unkempt and his hands were tacky.

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A pencil is entirely made by our Mother Nature. Steadler HB2. I am his favorite pencil and a new friend. I feel very doleful when I think of those wonderful days when people marveled at my beauty. When I was nearing my end, she stopped using and instead she bought some small pencils and kept me safe in her box.

There, we were put into a machine and I lost my brother. Soon, I was picked up by a person dressed in rags. This is usually applied to every person in our society wherein they have to fully embrace the use of pencils that encourage everyone to improve their way of expressing their ideas. Later on I became shorter and shorter.

He gave me to a small boy. When papers were developed using a machine, our ancestors were able to achieve a new conventional way of improving our educational routine by means of having the chance to express thoughts and create a masterpiece.

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I was red and blue in color and my head was white. A pencil is also made out of plastic, which symbolizes the modern way of creating a material that suits the interest of anyone who wants to express their thoughts. He uses me to draw many paintings of people and its surroundings. Slowly she started writing more things and she started learning things on her.

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He always takes care that my body does not get scratched. I always disliked the sharpener but I had no other option but to go through the process. My worst enemy was a sharpener who came from another family called "Maped. So difficulties in life make us a better person.

I have special qualities which are different from my friend pen is that I can write underwater and in zero gravity as well.

Then people shaved my outer skin. People used to come and buy the regular pencils and considering our lengths we were left alone. She loved me immensely. This material is usually made up of wood material in an elongated shape.

I felt special and as you might think that it was something special that happened to me. A pencil is a tool that is used for creating scripts and contexts by anyone who wants to express their ideas and thoughts.

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The shopkeeper was an old man and a little rude and he asked her to leave as she did not have the money. Now I have become very small and is kept in a dark corner of a drawer. His thoughts and ideas are present in his mind and then display through me.