Essay on plastic pollution in 200 words

Essay on plastic pollution in 200 words, this...

It is necessary for our energy requirements — for our factories, transport, heating, lighting, and so on.

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Plastic pollution is difficult to clean up and costs a lot ogf money. It can also stall development in frogs and can result in a decrease in body length.

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This includes 36 species found off South Africa. Methane, a large percentage of which comes from agriculture, is another culprit.

  • Cattle eat plastic and die as a result thereof.
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Being an important food item for many species, plastics ingested by invertebrates then have the potential to transfer toxic substances up the food chain. Some species are consumers of jelly fishbut often mistake plastic bags for their natural prey.

Some communities and businesses have put a ban on some commonly used plastic items, such as bottled water and plastic bags.

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During these studies, a high dose is tested to see if it causes any adverse health effects, and if it does not, lower doses are considered to be safe as well. Deployment of a remotely operated vehicle submarine in the Fram Strait Arctic revealed 0. Init was estimated that gulls in the North Sea had an average of thirty pieces of plastic in their stomachs.

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  2. This includes 36 species found off South Africa.
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Not much is known about these fish, other than that there are many of them. Fishermen throughout South Africa should not throw away waste line, net or plastic litter — this causes huge suffering and many deaths.

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Share your ideas on social media using the hashtag worldenvironmentday. Right now a sea turtle is mistaking a plastic bag for a jelly fish. Industries that produce plastic in India 7. Plankton, fish, and ultimately the human race, through the food chain, ingest these highly toxic carcinogens and chemicals.

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This could potentially increase the variability and dispersal of organisms in specific areas that are less biologically diverse. Causes of Plastic Pollution: This section has multiple issues.

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Moreover, companies can decide to do the spatial fix in order to solve the crises of capitalism. Sub lethal impacts of plastics on sea turtles can be substantial, yet mortality resulting from interactions with plastic debris is much more difficult to quantify. Most waste in the form of plastic in landfills are single-use items such as packaging.

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When mixed with water, it causes paralysis and also damages bones and causes irritation to the skin. Average levels of daily exposure are below the levels deemed to be unsafe, but more research needs to be done on the effects of low essay on plastic pollution in 200 words exposure on humans.

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  • Init was estimated that gulls in the North Sea had an average of thirty pieces of plastic in their stomachs.
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The beaches contain an estimated Even after they have been abandoned, they continue to trap marine organisms and other plastic debris. Bisphenol A an endocrine disruptor is a key monomer in production of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins.

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Some incidents have attracted the attention of the whole world and put a question mark about the use of plastic in daily life. Eventually, these abandoned nets become too difficult essay on plastic pollution in 200 words remove from the water because they become too heavy, having grown in weight up to 6 tons.

Plastics may remain in literature review on single plate clutch cambridge thesis template latex, blocking digestion and possibly causing starvation.

Of particular concern is floating plastic bags that might be mistaken for jellyfish, and discarded fishing gear in which sea turtles get entangled, or pieces of which they ingest. It is currently unclear if this contamination is affecting human health, but if the water is also found to contain nano-particle pollutants, there could be adverse impacts on human well-being, according to scientists associated with the study.

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Marcus Eriksen of The 5 Gyres Institute, there are 5. Introduction 3. It is estimated that a foam plastic cup will take 50 years, a plastic beverage holder will take years, a disposable nappy will take years, and fishing line will take years to degrade.