Essay on retail marketing

Essay on retail marketing.

Zara does not fit neatly into any of the two categories but combines them effectively to create a niche for itself in the market. The evolution of the retail industry has changed the focus of location from suburban areas to city centers.

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Tables were also used at various points throughout the store to display folded clothes. Both external and internal issues influence how the company decides to operate. Throughout this paper we will be discussing the 4 P 's of Marketing and provide examples of Marketing Mix.

However, the facilitating services offered by a retailer impart a human element to the shopping experience and can differentiate the retailer form others. She has great potential and is an asset to the company.

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The location of the store is also important in determining whether the target market segment prefers to visit the store and is able to do it conveniently Zentes et al. Currently, the global economy is resuming to a state of growth, with majority of economies recovering and stabilizing well.

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Smaller market segments of the retail book industry are… Emerging Trends in Retail Marketing Words 8 Pages Trends in Retail Marketing strategy Retail Marketing The essence of retail marketing is developing merchandise and services that satisfy specific needs of customers, and supplying them at prices that will yield profits.

The promotional mix has several components to it, which include advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, and, in this day and age, social media. Retailers have to keep a close watch to demographic changes, in order to better understand and predict consumer behaviour Deloitte: Also what are the key criteria for segmentation to be effective?

This created variety and was also inviting for shoppers to visit the different types of display units to compare the merchandise.

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Consumers can easily and fairly quickly compare online, product specifications, price and availability Deloitte: Its an era of recession, financial losses, downsizing and market saturations but how can one forget ASOS as seen on screen whose still busy in breaking the ice between customers and retailers, setting new standards into the bug of customer relationship management CRM.

This selection was made based on the fact that they have a comparable product base.

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Some products like shoes, bags and hats were also placed on shelves. Mostly affected was their clothing segment. Looking through several research papers besides the articles we have covered in class, it becomes clear that retail has taken to global expansion almost like a one-size-fits-all solution to most of their problems, hoping… Words - Pages 4 Essay about Marketing: It constitutes one of the main sectors in the economy, in terms of transactions and turnover; as a consequence, it is a highly competitive and sophisticated industry.

Why is Store Location Important to a Retailer?

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It is a mature industry, with slow increases in demand, repeat consumers, and limited innovation Barringer and Ireland, It operates over stores in the UK and is present abroad, in 29 countries. The level of customer service decides whether the customer is satisfied enough to visit the store a second or a third time to view the merchandise on offer.

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These are only a few of the trends retailers should take into consideration when developing their product and service offering. Whatever selection is made, ask students to concentrate on the specific aspects of retail strategy, such as: Hazarika2 Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling goods and services directly to final consumers for personal, non-business use.

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The retail industry, generally, continues to show positive signs of growth. Facilitating services are also important for any retailer. The store format allows the clothes to be displayed attractively and by making the best use of the available space.

A large volume of customers visiting the Zara store daily is necessary essay on retail marketing it to achieve its high turnover targets and sustain its business model economically. Consumers have definitely acquired more freedom of choice and this makes them less likely to retain brand loyalty; especially when several substitutes, of equally good quality, are available on the market.

The Zara store I visited in Lithuania was in the busy commercial port city of Klaipeda and the store was located in a large shopping center called the Akropolis Akropolis At the same time, they were accessible and available whenever a shopper needed any information about the sore, the merchandise or the price of the merchandise.

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The Marketing Mix Words 3 Pages The marketing mix is an essential component of every marketing strategy. For Zara, this is a very crucial part of its retail management strategy because the success of its business model depends on the high traffic of customers and repeat visits by them several times during a month.

  • This is why Zara locates all its stores in the busy shopping districts of the city center.
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I found the customer service professionals at Zara to be highly informed and courteous. These services include assistance in shopping, bagging, taking the purchased items to the car of the customer, accepting credit cards and cheques, and so on.

I will also include the methods of catchment, site selection analysis and comparison. For instance, someone who wanted to buy a red colored top essay on retail marketing also find stoles and trousers nearby to go with it.

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It is also the case that the community of plumbers is very tight knit and information spreads quickly amoungst them. Any organization selling to final consumers — whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer —is doing retailing.

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Online services: It has a status for worth for cash, convenience and a broad variety of goods all in one store. The tools can be used to develop both long-term strategies and short-term tactical programs Palmer Customer Service and Facilitating Services The customer services of any retail organization plays an important part in its success.

The marketing mix consists of product, place distributionprice and promotion.

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None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. Introduction Gap is a well-known clothing…. Several alternative store layouts may be used including the grid layout, the boutique layout, the free-flow layout and the controlled flow layout Okonkwop.

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They locate small neighborhood clubs close to where people live and work. Using this industry as an example, divide this market into smaller market segments. The marketing mix is comprised of four distinct parts that include product, placement, pricing, and promotion.

Essay about Retail Marketing Mix

I also saw the fast food is harmful to our health essay of the store offer to walk with one customer to the door with her shopping. In this essay, apart from Allders Department Stores, we will focus on the marketing strategies of two other major British department stores: The customer service personnel need to be in a position that they are able to provide the most updated and accurate information about the merchandise to the customer.

McGoldrick believes that there are 3 stages in discovering the perfect location for a new store, Search, Viability and Micro. This selection was made based on the fact that they have a comparable product base.

For instance, the winter wear and dark-colored skirts were placed in a separate portion of the store and the colorful and bright outfits for younger customers were placed in a separate area of the store. I have chosen Anytime Fitness as my company to do my paper on.

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  • These services include assistance in shopping, bagging, taking the purchased items to the car of the customer, accepting credit cards and cheques, and so on.
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Describe at least three of these markets segments. For this business model to succeed, Zara needs to have high sales turnover so that the store does not get left with unsold stocks of designs that may not be relevant ee263 homework 5 solutions the next season.

While other retailers may be present in areas out of the city, a fashion retailer like Zara needs to be located close to the urban area essay 300-500 words customers need to visit it more frequently to buy the latest fashionable clothes.