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Aninda Talapatra. What did shopkeepers sell? The crowd made our pace slow.

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We first walked past all the stalls and picked up little knick-knacks. Vestibulum sit curriculum vitae actualizado modelo sodales est, a lacinia ex.

Hawkers, sweet-meat sellers and balloon-sellers cry their wares at the top of their voice. They were enjoying rides on them. This fair has got very popular place in the big field. Now the evening was drawing nea and we were tired.

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I went to the fair on the fifth day. I thought I should not believe in fate but in hard work which alone can bring all success in life. There was a circus show. The idol of Ole Goddess was decorated with flowers and ornaments.

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Therefore we had to buy three toys for them to keep them quite. The entry tickets were inexpensive so the queue was long. We also saw a lot of clothes but that were not reliable. The fair is generally held outside the village or town. The Red Cross stall draws a big rush.

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Some fairs are held annually or six monthly at their scheduled times and places. The two funny boys were disturbing us very much. We went to see it on payment of three rupees. Even the small farmers have stored enough wheat. There were small temporary shops. The Baisakhi fair leaves a long echo behind.

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We then headed back home and as expected, the children wanted us to promise them to take them back there again. We could not see the circus because it was not good. It is a boon to the villagers. People were standing in a queue with an earnest desire to have a glimpse of Goddess Durga.

I bought a beautiful doll for my younger sister. Every heart is happy at such a time.

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Farmers come on foot, in carts and on camel back. What was there for and entertainment'? A village fair presents a colorful and lively spectacle.

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In another corner there was a tent of a theatre. The temple of the Goddess Durga was looking bright with colorful lights. Small shopkeepers and vendors set up their stalls and hand carts.

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Finally we came to home at 9 pm. There were snake-charmers and jugglers too. We decided to visit the market. When did you visit it? Somewhere a juggler is seen showing his tricks to the people. Some of them are religious, some are commercial and some are social.

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We also bought a nice tray. In the evening the fair came to an end. There was a great rush of the people at the ghats.


It is the main religious ceremony of Orissa in India. A Visit to a Fair Points to be covered in the essay: It was chiefly a rural fair. We purchased Prickles after tasting it. The harvesting season is over. The temple was decorated with banners, lights and garlands of flowers. In fact, I often feel that the fair remains for the entire year.

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In Durgapur this is the very good fair than any other fair. On one side there were shops of confectioners. Many people go round the fair. OR A visit to a fair is very interesting and entertaining. So we returned to our place.

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We also accompanied by my other close family of Mr. Except these there were very much glassware attractive shop and big pickle shop. There was a lot of fun and entertainment in the fair. The fair has got its utility. Races and Bhangra dance attract the attention of the people. My visit to this fair was an unforgettable event for me. A big bazar was set up there. We did this so that we could enjoy the fair at most.

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It is one of the oldest fairs of Uttar Pradesh. There were many lions, tigers, elephants and other animals which showed their amusing tricks.

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After this we went to take bath in the Ganga. There were four gates; two were for entry while the other two were for exit. After our fill we hit the food stalls for snacks including lots of cotton candy.

A visit to a fair essay for Class 1 to 5

The there were shops of different kinds of clothes, toys, blankets, carpets, books, shoes, wooden articles, handloom clothes and other things of daily use. I also worshiped and came out to see fair outside. We took our food after a short rest. In the fair shopkeepers had come from various rows. They are full on new hopes and new joys. Generally shops of one kind were arranged in one row.