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How should accountability be assigned?

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She recorded all of this in her diary. She wrote about her life with the seven other people in hiding—her parents, toys ielts essay sister, the van Pels family called van Daan by Anneand Fritz Pfeffer called Alfred Dussel by Anneas well as the war essay questions for the diary of anne frank on around her and her hopes for the future.

Rossell, Seymour. December 11, Anchor Books, He survived the march but died in Mauthausen in Austria, on May 5,a few days before the camp was liberated. On November 27,Anne described her dream about her friend Hanneli Goslar.

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What is a stereotype? Make a list, based on the diary, of what Anne could no longer do. Hurwitz, Johanna. Lindwer, Willy. Organized resistance to the Nazis was punishable by death, but despite this, there were armed revolts by Jews in the death camps of Treblinka, Sobibor, and Auschwitz.

This should be an example of your best writing skills. Children with a Star: Margot is sixteen—apparently they want to send girls her age away on their own.

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The German invasion and conquest of the Netherlands began on May 10,and ended on May 14, after the destruction of Rotterdam. While these preparations were secretly under way, Anne celebrated her thirteenth birthday on June 12, Dutch Opekta Company: HarperCollins, Camps where prisoners were used as slave labor.

As Anne wrote on June 20, Do any of the stereotypes that Anne wrote about still exist?

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This edition is often used as the scholarly, research-oriented version of the diary and contains all of the entries that Otto Frank and the Contact Publishers had removed from the original edition.

The Sample cover letter for massage therapist, or Secret State Police, is established.

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As she remarked in her diary on November 19, The Netherlands was occupied by the Nazi government of Germany. She especially despaired over the massive arrests and deportation of Hungarian Jews in May and June Anne Frank Remembered: Nuremberg Laws: This led to the period of systematic mass murder in death camps, beginning in latewhich the Nazis referred to in their code words "The Final Solution of the Jewish Question.

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The floor was strewn with clothing, paperwork, and other belongings of those who had been hiding there. Allies invade Western Europe. Frank also made arrangements for his business partner, Hermann van Pels, along with his wife, Auguste, and their son, Peter, to share the Prinsengracht hideaway. Little, Brown, Mein Kampf details his plan to make Europe judenrein.

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Dear Kitty and Just a Diary. Special details have been included to highlight the twenty-five month period during which Anne and her family hid in the Secret Annex, as well as the aftermath.

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By May Nazi Germany collapsed and the war was over in Europe. Organized violence against Jews, often with the support of the government. Do you think these factors were based on personal characteristics or political beliefs? What would have influenced someone to become a collaborator?

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  • The Nazis needed Dutch collaborators to carry out their fascist decrees.
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Who do you think was the most courageous individual? No one is spared.

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Six major death camps whose primary purpose was killing in an assembly-line fashion by gassing. Miep and Jan Gies remained in Amsterdam, raising a son.

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Most were shipped to death camps. Timeline of Events in Germany and Europe November 11, I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness, I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too, I feel the suffering of millions.

The Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals begin.

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Ironically, it was the last Auschwitz-bound transport ever to leave Westerbork. Both Anne, fifteen years old, and Margot, nineteen years old, died in March, Cambridge University Press, Simon and Schuster, Rogasky, Barbara.


March 7, Our freedom was severely restricted by a series of anti-Jewish decrees: Questions for Group Discussion Adult Readers a After the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands in Maythe Dutch people were immediately faced with the question of choice: After the war Otto Frank responded to references to "the Germans" by asking "which German?

Anne Frank in the World a What were the ways the residents of the annex got information about the outside world?

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Almost two years later Anne wrote: The Critical Edition. He and his second wife, Elfriede Geiringer, also an Auschwitz survivor, moved to Basel, Switzerland, in Fogelman, Eva.


Anne sensed the danger for Jews, although she was not aware of the full magnitude of mass murder occurring hundreds of miles to the east. Facing History and Ourselves, Lifton, Robert. Her son Peter was sent from Auschwitz on a death march. Were their attempts at finding "freedom" successful? Mobile killing squads called Einsatzgruppen followed the German army throughout the conquered territories, where they rounded up people, forced them to undress in front of mass graves, and shot them en masse.

Why was the dream so disturbing for Anne?

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Construct an interview of Hanneli Goslar. These conditions led to the deaths of more than 34, people, including Anne and Margot Frank. During the final days, in the spring ofconditions at the remaining camps were so inhumane that many more died. Videos Camera of My Family: Houghton Mifflin, Dawidowicz, Lucy.