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There is nothing more irrepressibly badass than the old women of southern Greece.

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My former athletic endeavors and successes are now a distant memory. They offer a glimpse into the diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as the writing talents, of our newest Hamiltonians.

Yet I do not feel split in half.

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I am an artist. The lines are unforgiving, the trenches have been dug, the stalemate between como se elabora un curriculum vitae actualmente want of joy around the eyes and the stubborn endurance of suffering around the silent lips wages on. Phone call from a friend.

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There can be beauty in spite of loss. Anything other than: I am eager to step into new streams.

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At first I mourned the loss of that confident sense of place and of belonging that I experienced when I was little. I want to scale real mountains, close my eyes and sit cross-legged on their tops while the whole world around me spins wildly into the future.

No answer. What does it say of me that I sometimes cannot help but romanticize something I know to be destructive and oppressive? But this familiarity meant nothing, for when they saw him they thought of the word America, stamped across a land where the poor were stripped of their rights and where the fierce and volatile Balkan temper would not do.

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End call. Bleary eyes and words still spinning: It was my turn.

  • You care about things now.
  • His fellow soldiers surged across the field, but he paused for the briefest of moments because his laces had come undone.
  • Punkers question authority.
  • He was my Shakespeare coach.
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In the basement, the emergency generators flooded, and the smell of rotting corpses from the morgue grew, getting stronger with the heat. I often try to block out the hectic surroundings by isolating myself in music, but I can never seem to get out of the real life time-lapse. I had an outline and a story to tell: This is your story, or some small but significant part of it, as told or reflected upon by you.

The olive trees flourish and yield fruit despite the oppression of the sun. Look around you.

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Windows An eerie silence draped over New Orleans on a humid morning as the insects scampered back into their burrows. I wear the secret guilt, the belief in equality, the obsession with culture, and the worship of rational thinking and education that becomes the certain kind of American that I am. I stepped off stage and collapsed into a chair, angry and defeated.

I wanted to understand trout behavior, how to find them, and what they ate. But as I continued to navigate my way through this different type of geography, I would occasionally go back to the hollow model world, watch it wobble on its axis and begin to understand how to live, even grow, despite imperfection.

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Aside from the falls, the creek is largely overlooked. Write about something that interests you.

  1. In a Manhattan subway tunnel, a real life time-lapse gives the illusion that thousands are moving around you in one single moment.
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When I was 5 or 6, I thought that my Yaya was the most beautiful woman in the world, with her wiry white hair fresh out of curlers and laugh lines showing around her eyes like a map of all of her times spent smiling. Now, I participate in stream clean-up days, have documented the impact of invasive species on trout and other native fish, and have chosen to continue to explore the effects of pollutants on waterways in my AP Environmental Science class.

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Do it again. I quickly learned to play the clarinet and joined the elementary school band. In my mother, in my father. Participating in theatre was the last thing anyone expected of me. They can clean their own teeth, thank you very much, all two of them. These essays follow three similar collections from the Class ofClass ofand Class of She loved helping people and went to church.

When the woman emerged from the other side of the stop, she boarded the bus with a sleeping bag and backpack.

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She was homeless! I saw my kids with no grandpa.

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For if those shoes, the ones my grandfather bent to tie in the middle of that blazing battlefield in France, are not mine, then why do I think of them so often?