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Families who are prepared with successful methods become empowered and more involved in the transition planning process Because of this apathy towards the programme, the rate of population increase is still over 1. There has been a sudden increase in the population of our country which is of great concern for our economic development.

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I wasn 't your typical child growing up in the country woods of northern Louisiana and that is because I didn 't have a typical life as a child Bodily Autonomy Although sexual intercourse takes place between two consenting partners, it is the woman who gets pregnant if no birth control is used.

There is a great awareness being spread everywhere to enlighten the couples so that they can have a fulfilling life and actually decide on their own when to plan a baby. History of Family Planning India has the distinction of being the first country in the developing world to start a family planning program that was state-sponsored.

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The pressure on the environment also eases when population growth slows down as does the demand for finite natural resources. Also, with the expanding role of woman from that of a traditional housewife to a working woman in a factory or an office, fertility rate declined.

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For a country, a burgeoning population puts a lot of pressure on its natural and built resources. While the only fool-proof method is abstinence, there are many other methods of birth control, which, while not percent effective, are highly successful if used regularly and properly.

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Since they affect hormonal balance inside the body, they need to be prescribed by a medical practitioner. One of the biggest impacts that family planning methods have had is on maternal mortality rates, especially in developing nations.

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Barrier Methods — Barrier methods can be used by both men and women. However, for the sake of this assignment I am going to pretend that is not the case. IUD or Intrauterine Device — A very reliable and long-term method of contraception, the IUD is a copper or plastic device that is inserted into the vagina by a healthcare professional.

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This rapid growth of our population has resulted in a very high pressure on our resources of food, employment, housing, clothing, education and alleviation of poverty. Improved technology and access to medical resources allowed people to live and work longer.

Family planning is definitely needed for such countries so that they can control the growth essay writing on family planning their populations and have enough resources for everyone.

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Some of these risks may include marital, physical, and emotional endangerment. The fertility rate has also gone down 2.

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The programme of family planning involved intensive education, provision of facilities and advice to the contoh essay pmii in the far off areas through a network of family planning centres. During the Emergency some drastic and coercive measures were adopted, which were resisted by the people. Therefore, it has been made totally voluntary.

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Better health services and higher literacy of females have also helped in reducing fertility and consequently birth rate.