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As mankind chooses to genetically experiment with species and continues to connect the remote areas of the world with faster and more efficient means of moving food and goods.

Both of these viruses could rapidly destroy populations. Studies have shown that a minimum two-fold reduction occurs among populations of field mice, snakes, turtles and other vertebrates when fire ants are allowed to establish colonies within a given area.

Four basic methods used to aid in the extermination of fire ants are: Lockley 42 Fire ants both black and red have caused billions dollars in damage since their introduction to the United States over sixty years ago.

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They pose a major economic threat to the agricultural and ranching industries, lawns, gardens and recreational areas, as well as a threat to animal life and even human life. Fire ants are not only a threat to other insects and small mammals, they also cause billions dollars worth of damage per year.

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Overacres of land in the United States and Puerto Rico are infested with fire ants. As mankind destroys the rain forests of South America for cattle grazing, he has released things like the Hunta virus, and the Ebola virus in Africa.

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It is very difficult to find an effective method to exterminate fire ant colonies. Ants are also known for feeding upon arthropod predators and other beneficial insects, eating upon ground nesting vertebrates and other wildlife, damage to asphalt roads, damage of farm equipment and machinery In agriculture, fire ants have been identified as damaging corn, soybeans, citrus trees, okra, and up to fifty-four other different species of cultivated plants.

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The fluid in the pustule is sterile, but if the pustule is broken the wound may become infected. During the spring and summer, winged males and females leave the mound and mate in the air.

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The two basic species of fire ants in the United States are the are black and red, they vary in length from one eighth to one quarter inch. Fire ants are omnivorous, feeding on almost any plant or animal material; although insects seem to be their preferred food.

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Although less than one percent of the population requires medical attention after a sting, so many people live in areas infested with fire ants and fire ants are so dense in these areas that this translates to tens of thousands of people requiring medical attention for fire ant bites each year.

These workers are called majors and perform the tasks of expanding the mound and foraging for nourishment.

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Mounds or nests may be located in rotting logs, dried cow manure, around trees and stumps, under pavement and buildings, and occasionally indoor. In Urban areas ants are attracted to electrical currents and cause considerable damage to heat pumps, air conditioners, telephone junction boxes, transformers, traffic lights, gasoline pumps, et cetra

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