George washington leadership essay

George washington leadership essay,

Zach I truly admire this man Rafal Whereas most leaders had a vast empire to lead, Washington had to make do with a makeshift army of farmers.

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  • A majority of Americans welcomed this news, many believing that the revolutionaries in France were continuing the fight for liberty that began on American soil in
  • He had the chance to become a tyrant, but instead he resigned his post and really wanted to live peacefully, away from politics.
  • Jason Not only was George Washington an inspiration to everyone in the country he is on of the only leaders in history to voluntarily give up their power and set a great precedent for American presidents that prevented any one president from being in power for too long, if only we had term limits for Congress.

Instead he step down, and stepped aside; which established the model for future US Presidents. The following lists of ten best and ten worst presidents come from the Murray-Blessing survey.

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George Washington, at his peak days, could have became president of America for many many terms, perhaps even for life, like many dictators would do. Before this decade is out, the Sample application letter for permanent position in teaching will sending men along with new advanced science equipment to the moon again this time the homework practice solve equations with rational coefficients answers will land close to one of the poles.

Instead, he refused to run for third term, and starting the trend later to become law that presidents serve george washington leadership essay two terms.

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He gave his country the time it needed. Indeed, the writers of the Constitution created the office of president with Washington in mind.

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Alexander would have been my choice for best military leader. Larry Because he could have been King of America, but instead chose to make the U. Jefferson told him: While no one is perfect, Washington truly tried to live by his own words and principles at all times.

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When it came time during the Convention to design the executive branch of the federal government Article II of the Constitutionvirtually everyone assumed Washington would become the first president. Coming from the bottom up was not handed some special birth right kingdom or prince of any kind and rose up to become the founding father of the greatest nation in the world not only in military mightTechnology, but ideas that have spread across the world people from all over the world come to America because of freedom because of a dream that can become real cause one man stood up and lead a new nation or should i say colonies and united them to go on and achieve what no other country would even think would be possible at the time the birth of an independent and powerful nation.

He expressed fear that America was headed "into a new scene of blood and confusion.

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He advised Washington that America needed to remain friendly with England in order to encourage trade and commerce between the two countries. Blessing surveyed historians in the United States in His wisdom and intelligence led him to say no to this, since he knew that to do so would be counter to all the Americans had just fought for.

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Nicola argued that democracy would not work in the United States. Leo Washington was a combination of a soldiers General, and a capable diplomat, with a drive to succeed and not let those beneath him down.

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America did not go to war, at least while Washington was in office. Naturally, Alexander Hamilton took the opposite view. Was it not right to return the favor?