Group technology case study pdf Classification & Coding

Group technology case study pdf.

The end product is also a standardized process plan, which is the best plan for a particular part.

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Second, setup time is reduced since common tooling and fixtures can be developed to handle all members of each family processed at the work station. The unbalanced work load can become an advantage, however, by focusing capacity planning on these few bottlenecks.

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Otis Engineering, for example, achieved a more efficient use of supervisory personnel, and equipment operators gained flexibility and thereby job enrichment. Each time a new part is designed, a process planner will look at the drawing and decide which machine tools should process the parts, which operations should be performed, and in what sequence.

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By standardizing closely related activities, thereby focusing only on distinct differences and avoiding unnecessary duplication of effort. For example, one family could consist of all parts with a 2 in the third position of the code.

With cells, timely completion becomes a responsibility solely of the cell foreman.

Group Technology and Productivity

Group technology is drawing increasing interest from manufacturers because of its many applications for boosting productivity. Top management cannot abdicate its responsibility and delegate these important group technology case study pdf.

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In manufacturing, problems commonly stem from the changing roles of operators and the new areas of responsibility for supervisors. The planner can edit the scheme on the CRT screen before printout. Second, if cell manufacturing is implemented in an existing plant, the expectation that all parts can be allocated to part families and manufactured in production cells is unrealistic.

Cell formation, however, also creates a visibility that does not exist in job shops. The company also investigated 2, parts with different part numbers and discovered that the number of distinct shapes leveled out fairly quickly to comprise a population of only shapes.

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This procedure, followed daily by foremen in most machine shops, often means overriding formal dispatch lists, which are made up with no consideration of efficiency. This visibility makes it case study tag hft for managers and supervisors to identify load-balancing problems in the cells.

It is clear, however, that in the future computer simulation will increasingly be used for this purpose.

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CAPP can lead to lower unit costs through production of parts in an optimal way. For one example, Sealol turned out parts in one cell with seven machines, whereas before the parts had been routed to 22 machines.

The Meaning of Group Technology

The Aerospace Group of VSI Corporation, which produces engine nuts, group technology case study pdf blank slugs based on part number demand. Computerized information technologies represent an opportunity for many manufacturers to establish a competitive edge.

The same company received a request for immediate delivery of an engine bolt that was not a stock item.

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In this article we discuss several such technologies, all tied together by group technology, and identify their wide-reaching applications to all areas of business operations. First, literature review police brutality are how to write architectural thesis abstract interfering flows of material at each machine.

Group Technology and Productivity

Generative process planning is much more complex than variant-based planning; in fact, it approaches the art of artificial intelligence. The approach is also helpful during the design process to help select components that will lower the total cost of the proposed product. Tunnell consulting company report, Chicago: According to one senior-ranking executive, few U.

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GT can help reduce proliferation of purchases of different kinds of parts, for example, by identifying components that serve the same function. When the planner enters the GT code for a part, the computer will retrieve the best process plan.

  • First, most companies have several planners, and each may come up with a different process plan for the very same part.
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We describe the potential benefits that can be achieved as well as common implementation problems. Exhibit I offers a simple example of a coded part. Ken M. On the other hand, the time and money needed to adopt GT are readily apparent and discourage managers who cannot visualize the benefits.

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  2. The capacity for wider task variety and the need for higher skill levels are features of the cellular approach, together with the opportunity for teamwork and the focusing of the production process from raw material to finished part.
  3. GT is another example of the need for management to include technology in strategic decision making.

One company reportedly had process plans developed for different gears.