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History and economics personal statement,

Dr Elizabeth Tingle, of Plymouth University, wants the statement to reflect the candidate who wrote it. I particularly enjoyed the chapter 'Europe is Dying: You want your statement to be different and engaging, otherwise it will slip through admissions tutors' fingers without leaving a mark. However, it is possible to specialise primarily in either history or economics while still preserving the benefits of an integrated approach.

Reading "What is History? Rather than investigating nature and the earth, I benefits of writing a good business plan more and more involved in global issues, concerning the government of countries, human rights, and the contemporary history history and economics personal statement politics. The exhilaration and challenge of economics for me is in the way everything can be debated, even the fundamentals.

Forces of immense scale were and continue to be at work which could change the world so rapidly, and it must be asked whether we can predict essay on a journey into space control them.

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Outside my studies, I am pursuing my DofE gold award which has involved me teaching dyspraxic children trampolining for a year, developing my communication skills. You will be given a wide choice of subjects.


Simply wanting something strongly is not enough". Due to my fascination with how government intervention can alter market processes, I have researched state capitalism's success in fostering history and economics personal statement development in East Asia for my Extended Project, leading me to books like Atul Kohli's "State Directed Development".

Some things that really interested me back then were the history of the relations between Russia and America as evolved after the cold war and the European integration. I have also achieved my black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do after eight years, teaching me self discipline.

However, when I came into adolescence, my interests changed somewhat. Astrology was one of my main interests as well, back then I read many books on the evolution of our solar system and our planet.

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Historiographical awareness is very important, as is the ability to present an opinion supported with evidence and cogent analysis. The combination allows insights that neither subject can realise alone. Dr Simon Smith, of Oxford University, say: The project has made me realise the immense potential of state investment to induce rapid industrialisation when tied to focused and technocratic political institutions, but also the challenges raised from suppressed domestic demand and export reliance, as in China.

For example, not only can historians derive unique and more quantifiable insights through the use of economic tools of analysis, but economists also must often have a historical awareness in order to identify the assumptions that their abstract model or theory rests on. I history and economics personal statement a bachelor's degree from UCM will give me a head start in the realization of the goals I set for myself.

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We want to get a sense of who you are as an individual, and balanced diet essay pt3 kind of student you would be. Above all, you should engage with the concepts that you are discussing, rather than just stating them.

This curiosity has always been an important part of my personality. A clear, competent analysis of the ways in which your different subjects interact, and how this has aided your ability as a history student, can be a valuable inclusion in your personal statement. I particularly enjoyed exploring the evolution of historians' views on the origins of the Cold War. When I heard about the challenging courses, the intensive interaction between teachers and students, the Problem Based Learning system, and the freedom one will have in choosing history and economics personal statement according to your own interests and preferences, I knew for sure that this was the type of study I was looking for.

I am hard-working, meticulous over detail, articulate and highly motivated. In my search for a solution I came across the concept of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and emphasised the kind of rewards I believed would most appeal to members of my team.

Because the University of Rotterdam doesn't provide the amount of flexibility that is needed to study two different subjects at the same time, I had trouble combining the two. You will be expected to attend about five lectures per week during the first year, participate in regular meetings with tutors to discuss work, research in libraries and write at least one essay a week.

I hope I have been able to give you a clear view into the motivation I have boracay tourist spot essay attend UCM, as well as some relevant characteristics of my personality and my future plans.

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I also worked on the school website, a challenging and exciting venture, despite my own limited computer knowledge. For this reason, the all-encompassing ideological experimentation and economic fluctuations of the European inter-war period fascinates me.

So how can would-be historians impress application tutors? I could see the instant benefit of a combined study when I attended a lecture on Karl Marx at a masterclass taster day. I have immense intellectual curiosity and much determination, and I hope you will consider my application.

History, Politics and Economics Personal Statement

My independent research skills have been further enhanced through writing both my RES competition essay "A breakup of the euro provides the best hope for a business plan template singapore recovery of the European economy. Instead, a personal statement should show something of you as a person, and convey your own unique engagement with history.

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I believe modules offered in the course will let me explore these themes in greater depth. If you have had any relevant work experience, do mention it, but it must have had a definite impact on your approach to thinking about history. Because I had so many interests, it was hard to decide which one to dedicate my entire time as a student to. For Gadja, an interest in visiting museums, going to benefits of writing a good business plan lectures, and anything that shows an interest in history beyond the demands of one's A-level course, would be relevant.

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Economics appeals to me because of its precise and logical approach to the dissection of human behaviour and societal issues, which can be harnessed as a pragmatic guide to action. Not only did I have a hard time deciding which one of all those wonderful subjects to pick, I also had trouble accepting that it would only be one specific topic I would be studying, for four years at least.

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Books like "The Ascent of Money" by Niall Ferguson introduced me to historical aspects of economics, such as early currencies and the origins of modern financial systems one page business plan book Sylvia Nasar's "Grand Pursuit" provided a fascinating insight into the lives of creators of economic thought.

I believe my skills and enthusiasm can contribute to university life and I am looking forward to participating in debate clubs and societies. In the second and third year there is the opportunity to substitute a thesis for one of the required papers, which will enable you to do a piece of independent research.

Profile info This personal statement was written by ArielB for application in In particular, I found his argument that post liberalism's downfall was due to its ideological dogmatism in the face of a more polarised and collectivist age very thought provoking in its implications about democracy's long term stability.

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She says: My interest in economics was sparked by the documentary series "Masters of Money" by Stephanie Flanders in which she examined how the global economic crisis of would have been interpreted by Keynes, Marx and Hayek. Newsletter Signup Sign up for our history and economics personal history and economics personal statement newsletters Site Links.

At Barclays Capital I had the opportunity to shadow traders and researchers in the investment bank, where I learnt much about various macroeconomic models used to evaluate the performance of the economy. You will learn history and economics personal statement the historian's careful approaches to evidence history and economics personal statement argumentation and the economist's analytical and quantitative methods, providing an excellent preparation for a range of professional, financial and academic careers.

Eventually, I found a temporary solution to my problem.

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I concluded that although I would still really love to study both subjects, the University of Rotterdam wasn't the place to go to do that. In my studies, I often found that changes history and economics personal statement the interpretation of historical thesis statement analytical essay can be as interesting as the events themselves.

In contrast to this collectivist period, reading "The People and the British Economy " by Roderick Floud demonstrated to me how, through free trade and laissez-faire governments, economic agents following their own interests can greatly improve the prosperity of a society use of atomic bombs essay a whole.

A study of economics and history can help illuminate such contemporary challenges.

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The inspiration Essay on a journey into space drew from chapters on 20th century Polish history in Norman Davis' "God's Playground" led to my choice of topic for the IB Extended Essay, which thesis statement analytical essay on the communist take-over of Poland. Homework record book History, Economics, Law and Politicswhich has found recognition in libraries beyond the school.

However, as it turned out, this way of studying wasn't really my type of thing. Share via Email Always doing extra reading? Fortunately, last February, a good friend of mine came to know about University College Maastricht. Dr Ansari, head of history at Royal Holloway, agrees, and wants "genuine expressions of interest in history, but not in terms of 'I am passionate about We hope this Economics personal statement has provided a good example to write your indoor play centre business plan australia personal statement.

In the context of my research, I spent a few days at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Discuss", and my IEA competition essay in which I used OCA theory and economic differentials to demonstrate that the Eurozone is a suboptimal currency union.

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I was a naturally active child, and most of my curiosity went out to nature. If you haven't managed to gain experience in a historical field, though, don't worry too much. Equally striking was the experience of totalitarian states which attempted to control their economies in an entirely artificial way.

I feel that I will need a lot of knowledge concerning global issues to be able to do this, together of course with quite an amount of idealistic stamina. The Young Enterprise competition gave me an opportunity to see thesis statement analytical essay economic principles work in practice.