How to help an autistic child with homework

How to help an autistic child with homework.

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Establish a dedicated workspace for homework that includes the essential tools: All rights reserved. Visit www.

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  • Managing longer projects If a lengthy project is assigned, sit down and discuss the project.
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  • Or, maybe they can be permitted to write shorter assignments, or be given extended time to complete them.

Have each subject represented by a different color, and match folder, notebook and book cover to designated colors. The internal and external actions fit together, sometimes seamlessly sometimes not, largely dependent upon a set of invisible yet highly important skills we call Executive Functioning EF.

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Knowing when and how to ask for help can be challenging for students with social learning and organizational weaknesses. Should homework be assigned in some classes and not others?

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The more informed the teachers are, the better the teachers can prepare for the child. Teach them to try their best, and to answer the questions they understand before asking for help.

  • This way the teacher knows whether the student understands or not, and can correct misunderstandings.
  • You can request that their IEP includes having a second set of textbooks to keep at home, or help remembering to complete a daily planner.
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There are also students with AS who can handle the additional demands of homework: Help students succeed with their daily schedule by teaching them to take frequent small breaks at the end of their baseline attention span. Learning just happened if they stayed attentive.

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Even students with high intelligence may have difficulty getting themselves to work on projects not of their liking. Share with teachers how long your child works on homework for their class and what level of help you provide.

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Move it with motivation. Teachers and parents need to work together in identifying and teaching any or all of the 10 steps mentioned in this article that are problematic for the spectrum child. Keep expectations realistic, talk things through regularly, and probe for misunderstandings or miscommunication.

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While these steps are interrelated and synergistic, avoid trying to teach them all at the same time. At home, "finished" homework yields its own rewards when students can engage in more personally pleasing activities, such as a computer game, watching TV, reading for pleasure, etc.

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Write your name at the top of the page, read the instructions, complete the work, when done turn the paper over and sit quietly until time is up. These skills, which involve planning, organizing, sequencing, prioritizing, shifting attention, and time management can be well-developed in some people think traffic controllers, wedding planners, business CEOs, etc.

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Include these ground rules in your expectations contract see above. Allen, D. There are many ways to help a student with AS get organized around homework—but know that it is almost always a necessary ingredient to ensuring a successful school experience.

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She has served on the AANE board and written classic articles about working effectively with students with Asperger profiles.