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Extended Essay Introduction

EE physics homework comic normally requires that someone on the inside trusts you. The only thing left to say now is to just do it.

But I can help you a lot on the second part. To make counting the words easier, I had an excel document with three columns - name of section, anticipated word count, and current word count - with autosum functions at the bottom of the latter two columns.

This draft must be typed double spaced in 12 pt. In Business you'll need 4 or 5 of these.

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You need to write clearly with the use of effective language because you need to remember that it is the first impression that you readers get about your work. Purely technical points include having the abstract on a page of it's own, putting a page break after the contents page, etc.

A question like, "Has the Singapore government's approach to health care improved economic growth" is WAY too broad.

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No need for good words. That's more than the difference between a D and a B.


Where appropriate the conclusion indicates unresolved questions and new questions that have emerged from your research. It didn't kill my grade, but it probably didn't help, so if you can avoid this Your extended essay will be assessed in part according to the extent to critique essay guidelines the essay appropriately addresses and develops the specific research question.

How does each subsection contribute to your defense of your thesis?

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This question, if properly composed, will both enable you to maintain your focus on a topic of narrow and limited scope while also help you to maintain the purpose and orientation of your entire investigation. However is useful but it sounds less clumsy if you don't start sentences with it i.

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The later nineteenth century saw an increase in the literary mass market. Getting down to the actual writing process can be a bit of a pain.

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Writing the Extended Essay Introduction Why your topic is essential, worthy and interesting in the subject Why your question is significant to subject field of your study and why would others care about it. Eventually, in a moment of breathless, orgasmic joy, you will realize that it's time to finalize and submit your ee.


I promise you that the most common Extended Essay problem of all IB students is fitting their words into the word limit at the end. No problem!

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  • Turning off the internet is probably a good way to keep facebook out of the equation, but it can slow you down when you need wikipedia or google.
  • The implication, of course, is if you play the deadlines right you can get almost a third of the marks 12 points of 36 just by polishing it properly.
  • If your text is not well known, and it's probably best if it isn't, you can also use the introduction to give a brief brief!

The research question is the central question you are trying to answer through your research and writing of the extended essay. With the right question almost anything is possible. Avoid the temptation to write as many long, complicated words as you possibly can so that you reach the word limit faster!

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How will you integrate the evaluation of your sources in the Body? You may also briefly discuss why your topic is of significance to you personally. One more thing is that you need to establish the significance of your research question and to explain why it is worthy in your study.

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What are the new questions and unresolved questions which have arisen from your research and analysis?