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You can have a free attempt Freiversuch if this was your first attempt at writing your final business plan high tech startup or final oral examination, the final thesis or final oral examination was conducted within the regular period of study, all necessary modules have been completed by then and you have a preliminary grade, your first attempt at the final thesis or final oral examination was graded with "fail" 5.

Berlin, date Contents. Chapter numbering: I did not use any outside support except for the quoted literature and other sources mentioned in the paper. Submit an request to reject topic of final thesis [PDF] to dissertation online suchen examination board.

If the sick note exceeds 7 calendar days, an official attestation from a public health office has to be provided.

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  5. If the final thesis is failed, the final examinations must be completed on a new topic without delay.

The thesis should address a business-related topic and investigate it both theoretically and empirically. Change of Thesis Topic Should you unexpectedly encounter problems with the topic of your thesis, you may exchange the topic once within the first four weeks of the working period. The Examinations Office will send you a request to submit a topic proposal for repeat theses.

The Examination Board will decide, if the submitted certificate shall be acknowledged. Only professors at HTW Berlin can serve as your first supervisor. Cover letter on top or bottom of MPMD Citavi Style Extension If requested for the purposes of disadvantage how long does sat with essay take for disability or any other reason, the examination board may define a longer how long does sat with essay take period.

Insert this text as the last page of your thesis: Only contains sources you have cited Number of chapters: Individual paragraphs application letter for tourism fresh graduate be of an appropriate length and separated from each other by a blank line If a paragraph runs over two pages, at least two lines of it must be contained on the first or subsequent page Other formalities: You will be granted admission by the examination board.

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You will receive your final certificates only after evidently handing in your HSC. An application for extension of the completion time [PDF]. The submission deadline shall be extended by the same amount of time as the acknowledge incapability lasts.

The medical certificate must be presented within three working days. You need to fill the Form Request to change the Thesis Topic. This person must be a professor at HTW Berlin.

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The thesis must be submitted in triplicate as a printed and bound version and on CD to the Faculty Administration. For Faculty 1: In order to obtain permission to write your final thesis, you must fulfil the admission requirements stipulated in the examination regulations for your study programme, submit an application to write your final thesis to the Examinations Office by the applicable deadline [PDF].

Additionally you have to submit a loose sheet of the statutory declaration as well as the first page of your thesis. The deadline is extended by the period of statutory maternity leave. One aspect of the thesis defence is a presentation of approx. Admission At the beginning of the semester, the examination board for your study programme will decide whether to grant you admission to write your final thesis who will serve on the htw berlin thesis panel — comprising the first and second supervisor the title of your final thesis when the period of time for writing your thesis will start and finish You will receive confirmation of this information from the faculty administration.

Harvard style author-year referencing system — also for Internet references No Internet links in the text or footnotes No plagiarism Structure Page numbers: A maximum of 7 calendar days is granted once. Extension An extension of the deadline is only possible in certain, exceptional cases significant events that were not predictable htw berlin thesis not in control of comparison and contrast essay transition words canditate before the start of the thesis writing period.

Handing in your Master's thesis On the submission date during office hours, the latest, you have to submit: Violations of the German academic standards may lead to deduction of points, failure of the thesis or even de-registration.

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An application for the extension of the completion period will only be successful in exceptional circumstances. The topic is hereby brought into connection with the taught content of the Project Management and Data Science Master's programme. You can also apply if you still need to acquire up to ten credits but only from Semester The deadline is extended by the period of statutory maternity leave.

In the event of illness, a medical certificate from a doctor or medical officer must be presented with a precise description of the reason why you are currently unable to write your thesis and the duration of your medical condition.

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The second supervisor can either be chosen by yourself or by the examination board for your study programme. School of Engineering — Energy and Information you must use the following form: Thesis defence The oral defence of the final thesis will take place within three months after the thesis has been submitted, if final thesis has been successfully completed and all required modules have been successfully completed.

Extension If requested for the purposes of disadvantage compensation for disability or any other reason, the examination board may htw berlin thesis a longer completion period.

You will be granted admission by the examination board. If you are cover letter email job inquiry, a copy of your maternity record Mutterpass with the expected date of birth. Changing or withdrawing the topic of your final thesis Even if you have already been granted permission to write your final thesis, the topic can be slightly changed.

If you are pregnant, a copy of your maternity record Mutterpass with the expected date of birth. If the final thesis is failed, the final examinations must be completed on a new topic without delay.

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You can also apply if you still need to acquire up to six credits but only from Semester Begins with the introduction page 1 Lists of abbreviations, illustrations and tables and acknowledgements optional are not included, the list of references and any appendices are listed without page numbers List of references: The final examination panel — first and second supervisor — is assigned by the examination board for your study programme.

Semster must be completed! To apply for an extension htw berlin thesis writing your final thesis, submit the following documents to the examination board: If the first supervisor is unable to sign the application, send an email requesting his or her written agreement to supervise your thesis.

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The main focus of the final oral examination is the Master's thesis topic. Furthermore, all citations included literally or analogously in the thesis have been marked accordingly.

Candidates must apply for the extension at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline using the application [PDF] form and submit it to the programme coordinator, Nicole Biehl.

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Further requirements regarding writing your final thesis can be found in the Framework Regulations for Study Programmes and Examinations. Minor changes in the topic wording only have to be agreed upon with the first supervisor, but an email confirmation of the Change from the 1st supervisor has to be submitted to the BIB Administration Office. I am aware that the violation of this regulation will lead to failure of the thesis.

If only the oral examination colloquium is missing before successfully completing your study programme, you do not have to re-register for the new semester in the event of passing your thesis.

When you apply for the admission to write the thesis, you must have already defined your thesis title topic and it must be approved how to write a good summary essay signed at least by your first supervisor. The final oral examination should establish whether the student can independently verify the methodological procedures and the outcomes of the Master's thesis possesses secure knowledge of the field addressed by the Master's thesis and has mastered requisite presentation and communication skills.

As a minimum requirement, this person must hold at least the university degree for which you are currently studying.

Master's thesis

These must be completed during the 7th semester. I clearly marked and separately listed all of the literature and all of the other sources which I employed when producing this academic work, either literally or in content.

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If you have used your free attempt, you can repeat your final thesis. Every thesis will be carefully and thoroughly reviewed by professionals and checked for plagiarism by our automatic scanning software. Deadlines The last day of the teaching period always applies as the application deadline for admission to write the thesis.

Thesis and Final Oral Examination

Can your first attempt be considered a free attempt Freiversuch? Submit an application to change the topic of the final thesis [PDF] to the examination board.

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An application for extension of the completion time [PDF]. Copy of the Final Diploma Complete Contact information: Print out the email of agreement and attach this to your application. Before you can defend your Thesis, all your grades have to be in LSF and your examination file ready. Your internship has to be completed and your Internship Documents have to be submitted before the Deadline of the Application.