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That structure is composed of key-value pairs. We used all references of SLR-1 to test the algorithm to detect duplicates and define the threshold value. The search terms were organized in groups that aggregates a term and its synonyms using the OR connector. The groups will be connected by a logical operator AND.

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It is the result of the intersection divided by the result of the union of the sets of evaluated strings. To obtain this relevance, the weight wi,j of the term i in document j 8 is calculated, being fi,j the frequency of the term i in document j, and max fl,j the frequency of the term l, where l is the most frequent term in document j.

Our proposal covers the three activities of the Primary Selection: In order to reduce the bias in the selection of the studies, at least two researchers have to read the title, the abstract, the keywords, and, when necessary, the full text [ 3 ].

The aim of this study is to apply Information Retrieval techniques in the Primary Selection stage, as well as, in the three studies [ 4 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ], and differently from the two studies [ 5 ] [ 6 ], in which the focus was to provide support on the Secondary Selection stage.

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The manual process detected the similarity between the first and the second references, but the third reference was not detected. Analyzing why the algorithm indicated that similarity, we notice that first and second references may be an extension of the third ieee research paper on information retrieval they have 19 pages and were published in a journal, inby two of the authors of the third reference, while, the third reference has 12 pages and was published in a conference in For example, Strategy ranked the reference 5 in the position whilst the Strategy 2 ranked it in the position This technique supports tasks that involve interpretation of large amount of textual data and the integration between Text Mining and Information Visualization techniques.

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A single registration for the workshop or the conference allows attending both events. Variation of Positions of the References of the SLR-2 — Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 We manually counted the terms of the references positioned in the first and in the last position by both strategies applied in both SLRs.

Section 5 presents the experimental evaluation setting and results, and Section 6 discusses the results.

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The detection of non-papers analyzes the title and ranks the references regarding a query that has terms present in references for non-papers. Comparing the files, we concluded that, from the 36 removed references, 16 were considered duplicates and 20 were considered non-papers. To help in this process, we proposed an algorithm to detect duplicates based on the Jaccard Similarity Coefficient Jaccard Figure 3.

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One problem in the Primary Selection is the effort necessary to perform the activity due to the increased amount of studies [ 4 ]. The groups are then connected by the AND connector. The Vector Model is a classic model of Information Retrieval. This section presents the strategies that we propose to filter only papers for full-text read and filipino essay writers and their works rank the references regarding to the search string.

The Jaccard Coefficient Similarity 7 is a function based on words tokens used to quantify the similarity and diversity between sets of strings [ 14 ].

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Table 10 presents the position of each selected reference of the SLR The triage was performed in three Systematic Literature Reviews. October 28, Author Registration: This similarity measure is known as Cosine Similarity [ 9 ]. The files with the terms of non-papers Figure 8a and of the search string Figure 8b are very similar. The Semantic Web is the solution; this new vision argumentative essay graphic organizer common core the web is to make web resources not only understandable by humans but also by machines.

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In the second step Linesthe TokenOcurrIndex function verifies the occurrence of each token of the query in the inverted index, and the CalcWeight function calculates the weight of each token of the query in the document. SLR can be performed basically in three phases [ 3 ]: Table 9: Table 10 and Figure 11 present the variation of the SLR-2 references position.

Figure 2: Figure 4 shows an example of the output of the Strategy to Detect Duplicates.