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Junk food essay ielts, teaching ielts students.

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  3. Some people believe that creating awareness about the health consequences of junk food is the solution to this problem.
  4. To begin with, fast foods are made up of a high proportion of unhealthy ingredients such as unsaturated fats, oil and sugar.
  5. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Use of preservatives should be lessened and juices should be served along with such foods instead of carbonated drinks. For instance, a health ministry report has recently revealed that the food-related infectious diseases incidence is about 45 percent higher among those who consume junk food than those who do not. All these things can cause heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

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This is especially harmful to children and teenagers whose bodies are still developing. Fast foods are high in calories and low in nutrition.

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In conclusion, parents should take care of their children diet even when they go out. The adverse effects of junk food has evolved as a major topic junk food essay ielts concern in modern society. With a fast pace of modern life more and more people are turning towards fast food for their main meals. Also, the fast food chains are easily approachable these days as compared to earlier times.

The use of chemical preservatives in junk food may cause serious health problems. Some people believe that creating awareness about the health consequences of junk food is the solution to this problem.

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Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? In the following paragraphs I intend to discuss both issues and finally give my opinion. Maxpixel Some people believe short essay on money and happiness cooking at home is a waste of time.

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Even this measure will not deter wealthy people from consuming fast foods. For instance, once people gain insightful knowledge about life-threatening cancers and diseases caused by overeating fast food, they will be junk food essay ielts likely to put an end to such a harmful eating habit.

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Health problems that we can observe now are gradually become a serious question. Will be very gratefull if you give me appropriate solutions and comments. As it commonly seen that mostly younger ones are attracted to these junk food.

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In conclusion, various measures can be taken to tackle the problems that are certain to arise as people excessively consume fast food recently. Consuming junk food can make children obese and increase health sample cover letter for telecom technician. Packaged fast foods are almost never eaten together sitting around a table.

Hence, constant intake of fast foods may cause nutritional deficiency in the long term.