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What type of research question is being asked?

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Appropriate tables and graphs should be used to provide the results of the study. Data that violate the assumption of normal distribution pattern must be analysed with non-parametric statistical tests.

Critical appraisal of review articles.

Do the authors have any potential conflicts of interest, and have these been declared? Are the advantages and disadvantages of the method s discussed? Were the results and analysis manipulated in order to favour particular findings? What are the strengths and limitations of the study?

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Deviations from the planned protocol can affect the validity or relevance of a study, e. Are the findings of the study useful for clinical practice?

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Introduction, methods, results and discussion pattern of scientific literature Introduction Evaluate if the need as dearth of hsc discovery creative writing stimulus on the topic in scientific literature and the purpose of the study attempting to find answers to one of the important unanswered queries of clinical relevance are properly explained with scientific rationale.

One way we use critical appraisal in the Library is to prioritise the most clinically relevant content for our Current Awareness Updates.

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Is there a clear statement of what the investigators expect the study to find which can be tested, and confirmed or refuted. Do the data justify the conclusions? Will the results help me manage my patients?

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Did the chosen study design minimise bias? Readers may find useful resources on how to constructively read the published literature at the following resources: Consolidated Standard for Reporting Trial for randomised trials — http: Are any implications for practice and policy considered?

Critical Appraisal of a Qualitative Study

Were limitations of the findings of the study identified, as well as limitations of the study design and techniques? Watch out for definite conclusions based on statistically insignificant results, generalised findings from a small sample size, and statistically significant associations being misinterpreted to imply a cause and effect.

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Who has funded the study and can we trust their objectivity? Evaluate if the questions in the study hypothesis were adequately addressed and if the conclusions were justified by the actual data.

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Authors should also provide limitations of their study and constructive suggestions for future research. Results and analysis of findings Were the results and analysis linked back to the original research question?

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Taylor, D. Is the work original and important? Did the authors use the right type of study design for the research question?

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Was any conflicting evidence clearly presented? Retrieved from: Weigh up the evidence for usefulness Assess benefits and strengths for research against flaws and weaknesses Assess if findings are reliable and useful in our own context for decision-making How to critically appraise studies?

What is Critical Appraisal?

Were the participants protected from physical and mla style heading for research paper harm? Are the potential outcomes of the study cover letter sample for assistant brand manager Is there an important reason for the research to be undertaken?

Were all the participants accounted for throughout the study, i.

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There should be clear evidence that privacy, dignity, anonymity and confidentiality were maintained throughout the study. How to critically appraise a paper There are some general rules to help you, including a range of checklists highlighted at the end of this blog.