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Recently William Rasmussen wrote here about arriving at the decision to publish as a med student. Systematic reviews are both systematic and comprehensive: These assignments are typically not written in the style and to the level of rigour necessary for a peer-reviewed publication.

At this point it is important to stay motivated and focused. It is important to contextualise any study in terms of what is currently known, and identify knowledge gaps that need to be filled. While you are at medical school, there will usually be some choice regarding the area you are going to review.

A comprehensive literature search using broad, relevant search terms across multiple databases, such as PubMed and Embase. This is particularly the case when the included studies are randomised controlled trials.

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When this is not the case, the obvious suggestion would be to find a topic that genuinely interests you—one you mostly understand and feel comfortable writing about. All of the studies were cross-sectional in nature. Once you have identified a subject area for review, the next step is to formulate a specific research To read the rest of this article log in or subscribe to Student BMJ.

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Literature reviews are most commonly performed to help answer a particular question. The editing phase of writing tends to absorb more time than people expect, so plan for this at the outset of your project. However, by sustaining your commitment to publish, this endeavor will benefit you as a medical student as well as a future physician.

Try your best to adapt to the suggestions of mentors and advisors. In addition, my classmates and I are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities that contribute to our professional development which offer the added bonus of boosting our C.

This approach is particularly suitable when the writer is an expert in the field who is very familiar with the literature and can use their knowledge to select only the most pertinent studies for their time-pressed readers. This study offers cues to policy makers and educators to formulate policy in order to tackle the shortage of health workers, i.

This is where some balancing takes place.

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But how do you assess the evidence? It is often natural ventilation phd thesis to convert a narrative review completed for an essay or assignment to a scoping review by performing a systematic search of at least one comprehensive database such as PubMed, MEDLINE, or Embase and ensuring all relevant articles are included.

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There will be times the type of paper you select to write constrains you to a certain subject matter. What motivates medical students to select medical studies: These factors vary per country depending on literature review medical student level of income.

Studies related to medical students and interns have been included. The findings were comparable to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory of motivation. Pre-specified inclusion and exclusion criteria for studies, and a study selection process conforming to these criteria. This step makes you vulnerable to criticisms, so I will tell you what my teacher told me: Keep template for email cover letter towards your end point, but step back if you begin to feel frustrated or lose sight of your goal.

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Is this review necessary? Hence it may be labelled semi-systematic or systematic, but not comprehensive.

Performing a literature review

This systematic review identifies the motivational factors influencing students to join medical studies in different parts of the globe. Look into which journals are more likely to accept your specific paper.

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Find someone who thoroughly understands the topic you are writing on and would be willing to critique the content of your work. There is a significant shortage of health workers across and within countries. Some editors may provide feedback on how you can improve your submission.

Please ensure that the research question or topic to be addressed is well defined.

  • There will be times the type of paper you select to write constrains you to a certain subject matter.
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  • Look into which journals are more likely to accept your specific paper.
  • All of the studies were cross-sectional in nature.
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Make a schedule and do your best to stick to it. It is usually, but not always, performed in a shorter time span and hence may utilise fewer databases or a more limited search. Determine the best type of paper you are capable of writing within your time constraints. After compiling data, analyzing trends, drawing conclusions, and connecting your results to the bigger picture, you will need to write it all down.

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One example of this would be to write a paper analyzing quality improvement data before and after a change takes place. Select a topic. Medical school coursework should remain your top priority, but as far as other professional experiences are concerned, publishing should rank highly.

Narrative review A narrative review is a non-systematic exploration of the literature performed to explore the key findings in a field [1]. Although experience helps in answering these questions, ultimately they are best answered by evidence based medicine. The use of systematic methodology enhances articles of this type, and can be a valuable experience in learning about the critical evaluation of evidence.

BMC Med Educ. It is worth noting that there have been some concerns raised about the validity of the Newcastle-Ottawa scale, despite its relatively frequent use [7]. This will help to limit the amount of time you spend performing background research and clarifying ambiguous topics. If this is the case, you might think of approaching it with a unique perspective.

Ask a mentor or faculty member to review your work. The background research you extract from a literature search will lay the landscape of your work. Generally, secondary research consumes less time by synthesizing existing data with novel insight. This article will summarise the aims and methodological differences between the most common types of review articles. Conclusion Writing a literature review is a vital part of the early research process, in both orienting an individual to the current state of knowledge in a particular field, and aiding with the development of research questions for investigation.

It will take patience, and most likely multiple revisions, before your paper is ready for submission. If you need some more incentive, build in a small reward system to stay motivated. Ideally, you will produce a high quality paper without sacrificing too much of your time.

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The review may not be necessary if: As a medical student, and throughout your career as a doctor, critical appraisal of published literature is an important skill to develop and refine. If you are taking on a project with minimal supervision, be weary of topics that are overly technical and complex.

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Keep track of what you hope to achieve each week and strive to make tangible progress. An assessment of study quality, usually using validated quality assessment scales such as the Jadad scale for randomised controlled trials and the Newcastle-Ottawa scale for observational studies [5,6]. Review articles at the AMSJ At the AMSJ, we take a more flexible approach as we aim to be a platform by which students can get their first experiences at publishing good quality research, but also to be a source of articles containing information that a typical medical student would find useful and engaging.

Is the literature already saturated with papers on your selected topic? Systematic reviews typically require significant effort on the behalf of the authors to execute, but along with meta-analyses, provide the highest level of evidence available in answer to a research question [8,9].

You should honestly assess how much time you can dedicate to doing research and writing a quality paper.

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It does not typically include extensive bias and quality assessments required in systematic reviews. Another key aim is to answer a specific research question or present key findings in a energy plus thesis, based on the entirety of the accumulated evidence.

Finally, select an appropriate journal and submit. None of the studies were from low-income countries. In brief, a scoping review differs from a systematic review in that: A sufficiently comprehensive search of the literature needs to be performed to develop an integrated answer to this question.