Literature review on code mixing Literature Review

Literature review on code mixing,

A case study in Code-Mixing among Jahangirnagar University Students

This definition allows us to consider English, French, Bangla, and London English and so on are varieties. So, this study opened sufficient scopes of study in this field.

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Therefore, the present study was and is very significant and a crucial demand of time. Quotation may include a lyrical song, a conversation on movies, or a little of song or movie. He accounted essay about comedy and tragedy from the analysis of a corpus of emails gained with interviews and questionnaires, participants adopted three modes of email communication: M, The ethnography of communication: Romaine also shows that this kind of diction can and routinely does occur in both monolingual and bilingual communities.

The presence of the participate Sometimes two speakers who participate in speech interaction have to change their languages, for reason of the presence of participants who come from different languages group.

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Code switching differs from other phenomenon like borrowing and code mixing because the latter involve deformation or replacement of part of grammar or lexicon of the language concerned, whereas code switching leaves both 14 Janet Holmes, An introduction to sociolinguistic.

It would also help the people who would do research on the same area. The people of Bangladesh who know English often mix it with Bangla in their conversation. Though English is not used widely in interpersonal and societal communi-cation, as concerns academic and job placement, it is the most demanded and sought after language.

Oxford University Press,p.

Literature Review | Malay-English Code-Mixing

As the use of English is increasing day by day in different forms, there is significant evidence of use of English along with Bangla through code-mixing and code-switching. Jacobson a, pp. Addison Wesley Longman,p.

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Bilingualism Bilingualism can be described in terms of language use. Softening or strengthening request or command In some cases, people find that code switching also often a request or event strengthen command language that has some meaning but has a softer or stronger sense to be switched or mixed in their request in their request or command.

Limitations Some limitations were found in preparing this paper. However, there is broad agreement about the general principles that are involved.

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Background of the study Status of English in Bangladesh at present Although during Pakistan period English was considered as a second language in Bangladesh Then East Pakistannow it is considered as a foreign language.

This tendency of code-mixing has brought some changes in Bangladeshi people and their culture because a language normally carries the culture of that language.

Intention of clarifying the speech content for interlocutor People switch language to clarify what they are talking about. The choice encodes certain social values. Being emphatic about something 4.