Literature review on selenium nanoparticles Methodology of the review

Literature review on selenium nanoparticles.

An Organic Acid-induced Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium Nanoparticles

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Literature review on selenium nanoparticles is also used in the glass industry to eliminate bubbles and remove undesirable tints produced by iron. View at Google Scholar H.

Nano-selenium and its nanomedicine applications: a critical review

Bai, and Y. If the SeNPs could not be removed from root efficiently by desorption solution, Se concentration of root in AgNO3 treatment could not significantly decreased compared to the control.

Blum et al. Such processes would precede the oxidation of selenium 0 and selenium II to selenium IVproducing the oxidation signals at more positive potentials.

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We monitored the dynamics of Se concentrations in the solutions in the SeNPs treatments with or without wheat seedlings, and found little 0. SeNPs influx into wheat roots is a passive diffusion process, and the uptake rate of SeNPs is lower than for selenite. Bierla, F.

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In addition, they were also tested for fibroblasts cell line P4. Generally, the Se concentration in wheat roots and shoots increased with increasing exposure time Figure 4. The TF values were below 0. Figure 5: The voltage was kV and the signal acquisition time was s.

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The particle size and synthesis method of the SeNPs affected their uptake rates by plants. Sarkar, for their encouragement during the course of the study. Research has demonstrated the use of microorganisms such as bacteria, to reduce selenite.

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Aqueous 0. These features can be rationalized assuming that selenium 0 oxidation is quite sensitive to the crystalline structure, as observed in the electrochemistry of, for instance, gold NPs.

Xu, H.

However, plants uptake and transformation of elemental Se have not been well study.

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Cherin and P. This result indicated that the desorption solution could remove SeNPs adhered on roots surface efficiently.

  • The mortality cell assay was performed in duplicate, 24 h after starting exposure to drugs.
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  • "Sweet Chemistry": a Green Way for Obtaining Selenium Nanoparticles Active against Cancer Cells
  • Few SeNPs were transported from roots to shoots, and they were rapidly assimilated into Se IV and organic forms in both wheat roots and shoots.

The transformation of Se species in plants is a dynamic process, and SeCys, selenocystathionine, selenohomoserine, and SeMet are all considered likely intermediates in the assimilation of selenite into selenoproteins Shrift, Each treatment was replicated three times two plants per potand the experiment was repeated three times. Cooper, Ed.

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Xie, S. IC50 values were very similar, Selenium is used in rectifiers, solar cells, photographic exposure meters, and xerography [ 4 ]. Wrote the paper. For reproduction of material from all other RSC journals and books: However, little information is available on SeNPs transformation in plants.

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Xu, F. The obtained solutions were diluted with deionized water to a final volume of 50 ml. A color change occurred, from colorless to a red solution within 15 min of reaction Figure 1. Therefore, morphology and structure of the synthesized selenium nanoparticles were also determined by these techniques.

A color change occurred, from colorless to a red solution within 15 min of reaction Figure 1. To examine the uptake of SeNPs by plants through water channels, 0.

Cao, Y. Shah, M.

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All the peaks could be indexed to the trigonal phase of selenium nanoparticles t-SeNPs. Bao, J. It exists in a number of crystalline structures, the principal ones being trigonal, consisting of helical chains, and the less stable monoclinic form, consisting of Se8 rings [ 6 ].

This process was repeated three times for the removal of organic impurities present in SeNPs.

Biogenesis of Selenium Nanoparticles Using Green Chemistry. - Abstract - Europe PMC

Upon scanning the potential from Polyvinyl alcohol has been used to stabilize the selenium nanoparticles. In the process of Se assimilation, selenite is reduced to selenide, and then incorporated into selenocysteine SeCys.

The emphasis was put on original articles, while more than review articles were not included. The phytouptake of several metal nanoparticles including Se has been investigated, and these studies have demonstrated that nanoparticles can adhere to plant roots and induce chemical or physical uptake Domokos-Szabolcsy et al.

An Organic Acid-induced Synthesis and Characterization of Selenium Nanoparticles

The selenium nanoparticles may serve as template, to generate other important nanomaterials, and find applications in fabrication of nanoscale optoelectronic devices. Nanotechnological modifications Nanoparticle NP systems appear to be a promising alternative to peroral drug delivery 1 as well as nutritional supplements.

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Ye, W. Thus, the present method is capable of producing spherical selenium nanoparticles.

Journal of Nanotechnology

The peak corresponding to copper and carbon arises due to carbon-coated copper grid, on which thin film of the sample was deposited for TEM analysis. The identified Se species were quantified based on the peak areas of the calibration curves using an HPLC workstation. This confirms the results obtained by the HRTEM image, which showed polydisperse particle aggregation, and indicates the poor stability of them.

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  2. After cooling down, 2.
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Affiliations 1. The cell viability rate was estimated from the number of intact cells relative to the total number of cells in the corresponding control, and it was expressed as the percentage of viable cells.

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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of selenium and its reactivity towards Cd, Zn, make this an important field of study. The Se speciation in wheat shoots showed difference to that in roots.