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Literature review on shear wall, performance of shear wall building during seismic excitations

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The soil profile type C was considered with a time period constant of 0. Whittaker, A. The response of the building is similar to SDOF single degree of freedom system. The factor R is representative of the inherent over strength and global ductility capacity of lateral force-resisting system of the building under consideration.

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They caused numerous hairline cracks in the test structure and may have affected the measured values in the strain transducers. No significant increase in displacement was found when the forces were increased from zone 2A to 2B as shown in Figure 3 c.

Journal of Engineering Structures, 24, Ashraf, H. The overall response of the building models was similar to that of the EQX. Building geometry plays an important role.

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Results are presented in the form of story height vs displacement curves. Table 3. In the numerical analysis, concrete has thesis topic for mba hr modeled using the Concrete Damage Thesis topic for mba hr CDP material model and reinforcing steel by a bilinear stress-strain relation. A peak displacement of 6. Two shear walls were considered close to the geometric centroid of the building which has minimum eccentricity between the center of mass and center of stiffness of the building as shown in Figure 2 b.

Ashour, S. Engineering Science, 6, Material properties [UBC]. Figure 3 c shows the displacement profile of the building at each story level for case-3 when shear walls were distributed along each tanzania vs congo comparison essay of the building as shown in Figure 2 c.

This type of load depends on many factors such as zone factor, occupancy importance factor, response modification factor R in X and Y directions and soil type that should be known in order to define the seismic load on ETABS.

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As like EQX direction, case-2 shear walls located near the center of mass has shown the best performance among all and displacement values are significantly lower than a b Figure 4. For strong and ductile building frames, the value of R is comparatively high. Two shear walls were located at the two opposite corners of the buildings with the locations as shown in Figure 2 d.

Around 4 to the six-time reduction in displacement is observed depending upon the earthquake zone when the shear walls were provided in the building.


In this case, a different behavior of the structural response was observed as zone-3 forces have shown more displacement compared to zone -4 forces till the story height has reached to Table 2 gives the values of Rw used in both X and Y direction. The Uniform Building Literature review on shear wall [15] has been used to find the zone factor, response modification factor R and occupancy importance factor.

This study aims to analyze a reinforced concrete shear wall by a finite element software suite using a material model based on damage plasticity and compare the numerical results with experimentally observed behavior. Figures 3 a - d show the maximum displacement undergone by each case with respect to the story height.

Beyond that, the displacements are proportional to the earthquake forces. Spectral displacements of RC buildings under different earthquake literature review on shear wall factors. Table 2. It motivates to study the collapse behavior prior to the failure special when the material is in inelastic range and geometry of structure in also transforming due to permanent deformations.

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However, it requires a careful analysis and understanding regarding the placement of shear walls. For instance, the maximum displacement at zone 4 for case-2 was Journal of Engineering Structures, 29, Journal of Engineering Structures, 74, In case of EQX, a different behavior of displacement response was observed for case 3 and 4 and even the presence of shear walls could not contribute much in restoring the structural displacements.

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Shuraim, A. Importance factor is decided based upon the significance of structure. Figure 4 b shows the spectral response of building models when the earthquake forces were applied in the Y-direction EQY. Case-3 has shown better structural response then case-1 and case-4 but not better then case Karayannis, C.

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The CDP material model provides a good perspective of the cracking pattern and failure load of the structure. No shear walls were considered and building response was monitored in the absence of shear walls as shown in Figure 2 a.

Although Case 3 showed more displacement, the general stability increased and defection was uniform in all corners.

Experimental and numerical study of a shear wall of reinforced concrete

Moreover, loads of floor tiles, water pipes, air-conditioning, and other collateral were also considered. A live load value of 5.

  1. Different layouts of shear walls in the RC building.
  2. Figure 3 a shows the displacement profile of the building model under different seismic earthquake zone when no shear walls were provided in the building.

Chan, C. Another important parameter is the mode of vibration of the building.

Seismic Analysis on Buildings Presentation

Figure 3 d a c d Figure 3. The current literature review on shear wall deals with a specific given geometry of the building, which is very close to a regular one. Yakut, A.

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However, for important structures such as nuclear power plants, hospitals, schools, the values of I will be greater than 1.