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This permitted her the opportunity to work on the seminars "Gettysburg: Alison Reiko Loader Alison Reiko Loader applies her interests in old media technology and posthumanist theory to making short animated films and media installations.

Grounded in Indigenous epistemology and feminist theory, activism, and front-line work, her research works to end male violence against Indigenous women and girls. He builds statistical and numerical models to address these questions. He is interested in digital game studies and has a background in anthropology and computer science.

Lausanne, Switzerland Master thesis biography is interested in analyzing case studies of the propagation of cascading effects in natural hazard risk and management through the functional and physical parts of critical infrastructures and in how strategic planning can take this into account towards ameliorating mitigation and response mechanisms. Indeed, in many ways it is perhaps as close to a Platonically ideal notion of what being at university is for as it is possible nowadays to get.

Shangwei Liu Environmental Science, B. What should you leave out? Sean is currently working on preliminary research into race and gender dynamics in southern professional wrestling. Catharines Standard. As a published biographer she knows the business of writing and publishing biography inside-out and as a historian she encourages thorough research, good writing and an academic engagement with the subject.

She has participated in numerous research programs and projects on international cooperation, feminism and art in Europe, Canada and the Caribbean. Sean is also interested in museum design. Fascinated by optical technologies and moving images, her doctoral research in Communication Studies explores the nineteenth-century founding of the Edinburgh Popular Observatories and Camera Obscura by a mysterious woman named Maria Theresa Short.

There, she focused on U.

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Longer Bios For longer bios, follow the same basic rules, but go into a bit more depth about your work, your education, and your future projects or interests. Additionally, he is also interested in the religious characteristics of colonization in Latin America and how they compared to those of British North America.

Gabrielle is a fourth year PhD student whose major research interest is in post-Reconstruction Southern women. Prior to starting her doctorate, she taught courses in literature and the humanities at the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas and Far Eastern University.

Students will pay the same termly fee for the duration of their studies, unless studies are interrupted and resumed later. So when I saw the advert for the Buckingham course I was immediately intrigued. Her work has resulted in her being invited to international and national conferences and published in peer reviewed journals and articles in leading newspapers.

Army from to Accommodation Due to the mode of study on this course you will not normally need a room in University accommodation during your degree. Over the past four years, Pooja has been working on these challenges at premier think tanks. Additionally, her long-term research interest is on the role of academic writing as a critique of hidden institutional values and practices.

As part of her Ph.

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How do you sum up yourself and your work in sentences? Rebecca Waldie Rebecca's Master's thesis research focused on the horror video game Until Dawn and its representation of masculinity.

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The study also analyzes the economic, social, and intellectual advancements made by southern migrants and their influence in replicating these communities in northern cities. Along with the academics duties, she divide her time with movies, music, digital sculpture and 3d modeling, and video games. The organism through which this experience was enabled assumes, in how it does its work, that representations of sameness through intimate narrative are sufficient educational tools to counter oppressive attitudes; the research was led, in contradiction, with a queer approach to pedagogy which posits that the fight against such behaviors is best led by critical reflexive work allowing to unveil structures of oppression and marginalization, and confront our own complicity with them.

She is also interested in international environmental agreements design, as well as using behavioral science to improve communication between scientists usc transfer application essay prompt policy makers on climate change.

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Her current thesis work is a research-creation project that explores the construction of mother-daughter relationships in self-reflexive documentary and experimental autoethnography.

She has worked in documentary production and television in Montreal and New York for over ten years. For her doctoral work Ashley is researching disability and ethical theatre practices, specifically within mixed ability groups whereby artists with and without disabilities work together.

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Mostly, your bio will be used by someone to introduce you at a conference or public event so if you write your bio using these tips, you will help them give a smooth and accurate introduction.

Charles Acland on the junction between moving images and research proposal on teenage pregnancy pdf histories. His research interest is in how narratives in popular fiction treat racist history as an aberration to Enlightenment logic of self-creation as a form of eluding white guilt.

John has published several encyclopedia articles, some of which will appear in Cyber Warfare: Olivia is an international student from Plymouth, England.

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Hold the Line NFB, 52 min. To that effect, he recently took part in a United Nations course on disaster mapping, as well as an excursion to the Aeolian Islands to investigate societal vulnerability in relation to active volcanism. His current focus is on exploring online toxicity through frames of online community governance, physical regionality as mediated through online game spaces, and overlapping game communities through third party platforms such as Twitch.

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One of her biggest ventures for her doctoral project and overall artistic hope will be the creation of a permanent mixed-abilility theatre collaborative in Montreal. She is also interested in environmental history, public history, oral history, and Alabama history. My other research interests include anarchist theory and methodologies and the political economy of postcapitalist futures.

For her master's thesis, she created a digital narrative called circuits about the act of narrating sexual trauma within institutional spaces.

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Details of other scholarships can be found on our main Bursaries and Scholarships page. Beijing, China Shangwei is a first-year Ph. Another secured a position as the Minister of Sabah and one female law graduate became the first British lawyer to become a French Advocate.

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I found the dissertation subject I had chosen was of such interest that I carried on with the research after gaining the MA case study gun manufacturers and responsibility turned it into a book. Holly Nazar My thesis research concerns popular memory, particularly in the context of knowledge transmission within social movements.

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  • Indeed, in many ways it is perhaps as close to a Platonically ideal notion of what being at university is for as it is possible nowadays to get.

How do activist and political groups pass on their histories and how might these differ from perceptions of the wider public? He is currently writing a dissertation on the origins and evolution of the U. Lorna Roth. Bion, relational psychoanalysis and field theory, in conjunction with materialist, ecological scholarship. The multi-layered images in her work explore identity through meditation on place, time, presence, and inheritance.

He is currently conducting field research in East Asia. Anna Nguyen What should be in a thesis statement Nguyen is a second-year PhD student who combines literary and sociological sensibilities with co-productionist science and technology studies.

Her research interests are in visual culture, social media, human rights, affect, and the politics of care. They Made Fun of Society Again!

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