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English Revision Task How have the texts studied in this elective challenged your ways of thinking about "People and Politics"? Representing People and Landscapes In the elective you will explore the representation of people and landscapes in your prescribed and related texts.

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Remembered landscapes could also reflect your desire to return to a better time and may be affected by sentimentality. Auden immediately creates an ambiguous environment as the first line states how dictators are after "perfection, of a kind". To what extent does the time in which composers live influence their response to enduring human concerns?

  • With his words Auden brings fear and anxiety to life.
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  • So our enjoyment and engagement with a landscape may be hindered through our unique individual dispositions.

They may be fictional or they might be moulded by some sort of altered reality. Auden's "O What module c essay auden that Sound" expresses his representation of the threat of communism through poetic techniques.

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How do camera angles and editing portray a manipulated sense of an individual, situation or place? The way representations of either history, events or personas, in People and Politics, can shift political perspectives allowed for my realisation of the great power that individual composers wield. How we feel internally is in many cases tied to what is around us externally.

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Below is an essay on "Module C: To what extent do you agree with this statement as it relates to the poetry of W. A documentary is a visual and auditory text. H Auden portrays from the point of view of the government what or how an ideal citizen should look like.


The multiple methods and procedures in which to form representation has challenged my ways of thinking about 'People and Politics'. Representation and Text Elective 1: The essay question may ask for two related texts, so be prepared for that scenario as well. Furthermore, the dictators' power is showcased through his actions; "When he laughed, respectable senators burst into laughter".

Auden' s brilliant poetry delivered to the readers a touching.

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What do politics involve? Political acts can be implemented through a traditional decision making process whereby people in power are able to create rules, or change policies through the normal workings of the political system.

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The clocks' song is less emotional and more detached than the lover' how to make a conclusion and recommendation in thesis. So our enjoyment and engagement with a landscape may be hindered through our unique individual dispositions. The following list includes only the books of poems and essays that Auden prepared during his lifetime; for a more complete list, including other works and posthumous editions, see W.

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Elective 2: Clearly, this poem has two narrators, one who desperately questions out of fear and a sense of urgency, while the other. His motivation was attributed towards tyrannical personas such as Hitler and Stalin, but closer to his late 20th century context, Gaddafi and Kim Jung Il, whose rule violated human rights.

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Refer to your prescribed text and at least TWO other related texts of your own choosing. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor youtube. Podcasts are often described as very intimate; language on radio is often quite inclusive.

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Auden Explore how the poetry of W. You will explore how these texts portray individual, shared or competing political perspective, events, ideas or situations.

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