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Also recall that late homework will not be accepted regardless of excuse.

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Remember, you will be making instances of these Pokemon that run around in your GUI and interact with other instances of other Pokemon. Oftentimes you will deal with complicated problem specs that may not make much sense the first time you read it. Javadocs You will need usmc problem solving write Javadoc comments along with checkstyling your submission.

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A Pokemon species can only reproduce with its own species. If you are familiar with Pokemon, feel free to use a Pokemon you particularly like! Ask another student for a hint, tip, or for error-spotting.

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Every method should pokemon battle homework a Javadoc explaining what the method does and includes any of the following tags if applicable. If you see the name of a class or method that you need to write mentioned in this document, you should name it as such. SpecialType Note: They should outline their approach in pseudocode or with a structure diagram.

  1. Re-read this entire document.
  2. The sections provide benefits to their corresponding types:
  3. Obviously keep in mind that the above Pokemon should be powered up and have decent IVs.

We will be giving you a little bit of guidance on specific methods to write, but a large part of this assignment will be you designing classes on your own! In future homeworks we will be increasing this cap, so get into the habit of fixing these style errors early!

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This procedure helps guard against a few things. Rapidash The fire Pokemon Rapidash cause and effect essay on homeschooling a powerful Pokemon that can vanquish its enemies.

Obviously keep in mind that the above Pokemon should be powered up and have decent IVs.

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You will need to change ControlPanel. This is a somewhat open-ended assignment, since students can submit a basic program that runs 1 or 2 interactions, or a complete battle sequence, depending on their level of understanding.

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This is a deliberate move: When a special type Pokemon is in its white quadrant bottom-rightit gains any combination of the available abilities. WaterType When a WaterType is in its blue quadrant bottom-leftthey level up more rapidly than they do in the other areas of the map A WaterType also has a greater chance of harming a FireType and a lesser chance of harming a GrassType.

Within this world you will build classes that represent 4 different species of Pokemon. The three files that represent this are: We have provided two additional images that you research paper appendices sample use: By Denny Connolly 2 months ago Pokemon GO recently wrapped up its holiday events, but the mobile game is already bouncing back with a load of new special events and bonuses.

You will be given a GUI that represents the Pokemon world, separated into territories that help or hinder certain types of Pokemon.

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Run checkstyle for this assignment with java -jar checkstyle Special Species This Pokemon must be of the special type you choose to create. Otherwise, its chances of harming a Pokemon are equivalent to those of other Water type Pokemon.

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You determine with what probability a Pokemon of some type can harm another Pokemon of the same type, but it must be nonzero. Before you break out the class for lab time, read the question out loud to the class, taking time to pause between each of the requirements outlined in the lab assignment.

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You should also make sure the instance stays within the bounds of the Pokemon world hint: We will be grading largely on functionality, although we will of course be looking at your code too.