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Different potions turn different teachers into frogs and require a specific number of insect legs legs. I presented on Unit Conversions - my slides can be downloaded from my Topics in Depth page. Different potions turn different 3 main points of a cover letter into frogs and require a specific number of insect legs. No doubt I will update my readers on this initiative over the coming months.

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Using this approach, albeit for a very short amount of time, many children, particularly those who have previously struggled with solving these kinds of problems, have begun to confidently and successfully work through these kinds of problems. An activity where students must split the baddies in the given ratio for Batman and Robin to fight.

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Here two questions we enjoyed last week: My booksand the science books in the same series, have been selling well to schools. Range of questions based on the timetable at the top of the sheet. A great introductory PowerPoint presentation on ratio, linking to it from fractions of amounts.

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Shares Revision Clocks Revision Clocks are taking twitter by storm, I have made and completed many with my students over this past year. A simple but effective worksheet on direct proportion, and using linear functions to identify the relationship.

Last weekend was mathsconf18 in Birmingham.

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The problem is, because I'm not their teacher I have to be careful not to give them questions that their teacher might have already used. Miss B. I hope you find my take on the GCSE revision clocks useful.

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If you're preparing students for their GCSE exams then don't forget I have a large collection of revision resources here. View Larger Image Bar Modelling is taking the primary maths world by storm and the type of multi step word problems we now find in KS2 SATs reasoning are no exception… The national curriculum and new KS2 SATs, appear, despite initial unhappiness, to be achieving a shift in the way maths is taught.

I have a feeling we ie many teachers in this country - I know I'm generalising might be a bit behind other countries with cover letter administrative officer. The writer Philipp Legner has recently published a brand new free course ' Circles and Pi ' that contains countless interactive explanations on circles, spheres, and conic sections. The numbers 1, 2 and x are written on the board.

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These outlines can be made even more explicit. High, middle and low ability worksheets included. This week, thanks to lovely contributors, I added some new primary topics in depth packs and some new Pret homeworks. I've heard other people say this too, and I wonder why I still continue to say decimals in such an unhelpful way.

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Hailing from Singapore, with its champion being Dr. The article includes teaching strategies: Update I've been super busy this year with various projects, hence the lack of blog posts.

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Looking for questions to practise your Bar Modelling techniques on? Other ideas include asking pupils to invent 'graffiti' for mathematical symbols examples below - these are similar to the calligrams I have featured in previous gems posts and asking pupils to make their own examples and non-examples.

I use them a lot in lessons, particularly his packs of GCSE questions by topic. An idea that gets students to mark and correct a fictional piece of homework on ratio. Find all possible values of x.


Mathigon I first blogged about the amazing website Mathigon inand it was a winner in the Gem Awards. In order to support this, we have adapted the grid to remove the necessity for a bar model although some children do still choose to draw them: Revision clocks are ideal for revision as it is a directed task for students which can include differentiation.

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This is where I share some of the latest news, ideas and resources for maths teachers. This encourages children to think about what their final answer will look like before they embark on the working out and provides a checking point to refer to throughout the exercise: Using division in introduction to work out exchange rate, then multiplication and addition to change money.

I'll leave you with a problem from Daniel Griller puzzlecritic that he shared in his workshop at mathsconf Comes with worked examples, questions to practice and various activities treasure hunt, mathbusters, functional plenarywith a starter activity, too.

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I do update things behind the scenes all the time though, even when I seem quiet! An activity about a series of bank robberies with the stolen money split into different ratios. Welcome to my th gems post. I am uploading more resources and answers throughout every week in the lead up to exams.

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It's taken a while for the pupils to warm up to me, but we're getting there now. What is Singapore Maths-style Bar Modelling?