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Prevalence of depression in clinic-based studies has ranged from None, Conflict of Interest: Sherina, L.

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Knowledge about indications, efficacy, and side effects of ECT was also very poor. View at Google Scholar D.

Depression among the elderly: a population-based study in Southern Brazil

Likely the category of unemployed contains 42 retired older adults. A study reported that suicidality in elderly patients with depression was strongly associated with impulsivity and hopelessness. Furthermore, in Brazil, due to retirement, there is a substantial loss of purchasing power. EpiData Association; Accordingly, most of the care to the elderly is provided by the primary care physicians.

Among them, Available data suggest usefulness of pranayam, cognitive behavior therapy, and electroconvulsive therapy. Additionally, stress full life events, ignorance from family members, loss of loved ones, financial crises, phase of retirement, and inter- or intrapersonal conflicts accompanied with other health issues lead to late life depression [ 1118 ].

Hughes, L. Br J Psychiatry business plan calculation 6: The most common system involved was musculoskeletal followed by cardiovascular and ophthalmological systems.

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Religion and depression in older medical inpatients. There is a need to follow-up a cohort of elderly patients to study the incidence rates. Rev Bras Epidemiol ; 11 Suppl 1: Design of the present study was descriptive and quantitative.

Overall 12 months outcome was found to be poor in elderly individuals with late-onset depression. In most of the studies, the age cut-off which has been used to identify elderly patients is 60 or above. Silva IS. Accordingly, there is an urgent need to focus on depression among elderly.

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They badly indulge in race of mechanical world and forget about the well-being of their assists in the shape of elders of the family. Absence research paper on depression among elderly partner at the last stage of life pushed an individual in to depression.

Prevalence and associated factors of depressive symptoms - Video Abstract ID 170346

This association has already been studied in different designs. Results 3. The increase of expenses and research paper on depression among elderly decrease of earnings lead to anxiety and concern among this population, which may contribute to both the onset and the maintenance of the depressive condition.

Most of the literatures that are available are in terms of prevalence of depression. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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They found that Hindi version of the GDS-H had high internal consistency and a factor structure comparable to the original English language version. A series of studies conducted in and demonstrated that female older adults are more vulnerable to later life depression as compared to male older adults [ 39 ].

The sample size in community-based studies has ranged from as low as 70 to as high as and prevalence of depression has ranged from 8. Similar to rest of South Asian countries, extensive family system has been practiced in Pakistan by many families [ 6 ]. The sample has largely been recruited from preassigned rural areas and urban slums. On the other hand elderly who belong to private sector face the black side of later life because of financial issue caused by unemployment [ 16 ].

Occasional case reports have described the phenomenology of Cotard's syndrome in elderly patients with depression.

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The prevalence of depression among elderly depends on the scale and cutoff points used and the sociodemographic characteristics of the population studied. Mental illness in a cross-national perspective.

This study suggested that the prevalence of depressive disorders Single episode, recurrent depression, and dysthymia was highest among those suspected to have psychiatric disorders referred to geriatric clinics and least in ascetics. Alexopoulos et al. Though, it is really hard for single widow, unmarried, and divorced women to survive solely in this world.