Research paper on kitchen gardening

Research paper on kitchen gardening.

5 Vegetables that are too EASY to GROW in the Garden

What are my garden goals? Both the OHSU and community groups conducted the key informant interviews, four of which were conducted in the fall of and six of which were done in the fall of using two open-ended questions 1 What has the gardening project meant for you and your family?

How many people do I want to feed?

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Not only that, but you also lost your livelihood, your ability to feed yourself and your family. Over a third of the families OCTRI provided assistance to both the community and academic partners to attain this research funding.

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Key informant interviews were conducted with participating families at the end of the gardening season to further evaluate the project. This is what happened to Shazadi, a Pakistani woman whose home was destroyed in a flood inalong with the crops on four acres of land her husband Abdul Nabi rented for farming. Abstract Purpose To describe the impact of a community gardening project on vegetable intake, food security and family relationships.

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The benefits of community-based gardening projects likely extend beyond food security, as gardens provide fresh vegetables, and the process of gardening involves physical exercise.

Research suggests that kitchen gardens can supply up to half of all non-staple food needs, as well as a significant number of vitamins and minerals.

From plot to plate – a ‘kitchen garden’ story

Patricia A. Community meetings were held nearly every month starting in March of each growing season to provide project materials, such as seeds, and to share about gardening, such as how to choose plants, compost, organic approaches for pest control, preparing the land, maintaining the garden and harvesting the vegetables.

This approach is unlike puma case study 2003 research study approaches The mean age of the interviewee was Measures included a pre- post gardening survey, key informant interviews and observations cover letter caregiver at community-based gardening meetings to assess food security, safety and family relationships.

The specific objectives of the Harvest Fiesta Project included: Analyses of pre-post gardening questionnaires involved the use of descriptive statistics and Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test. Conclusions A community gardening program can reduce food insecurity, improve dietary intake and strengthen family relationships.

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Popular education techniques 15 were used for these sessions. Research paper on kitchen gardening to studying family gardening are complicated.

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Occurrences of frequent themes were counted, and exemplars were selected that best reflected the themes. Implementation The study had funding to sustain 40 farm families, which were enrolled on a first come first served basis.

First, the CBPR approach allows for the time necessary to develop a successful relationship between academic partners and community members that is essential when a lack of trust initially exists. The frequency of skipping meals due to lack of money was not statistically significantly different before and after the gardening season for either adults or children.

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The mean garden space size reported was ft2 range: Most studies of community gardens have been conducted in urban settings essay on my school fun fair in easy way few studies done to-date have examined how a community gardening program affects food security in rural populations. Fortunately, Shadazi was one of 2 women in the area targeted by FAO for post-flood support through a kitchen gardening programme.

Many studies have focused on rates of and health outcomes associated with food insecurity among Hispanic migrant seasonal farm workers 4. Of the families enrolled during the pre-gardening time period there were household members. The education sessions were also designed to address the concerns of farm workers, who are exposed to pesticides while working in the fields but are not using pesticides in their own gardens because of health concerns.

Questions focused on obtaining demographic and family size information as well as frequency of eating vegetables, and food security. Methods This community-based participatory research project used popular education techniques to support and educate Hispanic farm worker families in planting and maintaining organic gardens. Write an essay on uses of library community group translated and adapted those materials for appropriate grade level, plain language and health literacy.

Analysis of text responses and key informant interviews revealed that physical and mental health benefits were reported as well as economic and family literary analysis thesis statement for a rose for emily benefits from the gardening study, primarily because the families often worked in their gardens together. For Hispanic families this is write an essay on tg grammar important since they carry the tradition of a family garden with them from Mexico 9.

A final community meeting Harvest Fiesta was held in October, where families prepared dishes with food grown in their gardens and the group celebrated what it had learned and grown. The community group organized all study meetings and interactions with participating families.

Funding attained for this project supported local families who want to grow a home garden by providing resources, materials, volunteer support, and a social network that included meetings, an end of growing season fiesta and ongoing contact with Promotores. The OHSU group developed educational materials about the harms of pesticides and how best to avoid them while still controlling insects.

Results Thirty-eight families enrolled in the study in the spring and completed the pre-gardening survey.


Additional open-ended questions were included on the survey to identify areas where the community-gardening project has had an impact on the families that the structured survey questions may have missed.

The median number of occupants in literary analysis thesis statement for a rose for emily household was 4. Table 1. Results Thirty-eight families enrolled in the study during the pre-garden time period, and four more families enrolled in the study during the post-garden period, for a total of 42 families enrolled in the gardening season.

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If you are thinking of replicating this success in your own backyard or apartment block ask yourself this: The community group staff interpreted for OHSU partners during each interview. She produced enough vegetables for her family to use for three months, which saved her family 9 Rupees in food expenses.

For Shazadi, within a month from starting her garden, plants began bearing fruit, first tomatoes and onions, and then okra. The furthest community is 18 miles away from The Next Door Inc. For example, using CBPR may benefit recruitment into studies Immigration issues can lead to the loss of these essential social networks 7and may leave migrant families feeling isolated 8.

From plot to plate – a ‘kitchen garden’ story

This makes them an invaluable tool for food security in vulnerable communities. How much food do I want to produce? Finally, community members have special knowledge about the individuals that live in their communities that is vital to choosing methodologies that will foster trust. Field notes from the 10 key informant interviews were also reviewed and coded similarly.

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Family and social relationships can also be strengthened through community gardening, since community members provide advice and support to help overcome challenges and all receive the benefits the gardening project offers.

Over what period of time? Secondly, CBPR methods can alleviate perceptions of potential racial discrimination especially regarding immigration status, which can be a barrier to successful collaboration The community served by this program is diverse and historically rooted in agriculture, particularly apple, pear and cherry orchards, where the Latino population is a significant contributor to maintaining and harvesting these orchards.

Of the families enrolled during the pre-gardening time period there were household members. The mean age of the interviewee was

We used a community-based participatory research approach to study the impact of a community gardening program on vegetable intake, food security and family relationships of migrant seasonal farm worker families in a rural Oregon community.